GM Fitting Wireless Phone Charger to Some 2014 Models

GM Fitting Wireless Phone Charger to Some 2014 Models

General Motors is planning on adding wireless cell phone charging to some of its 2014 models according to the CEO of Powermat Technologies.

Powermat is developing the wireless charge system using money from GM, and it is slated to make it into some 2014 models. This will allow drivers to place their cellphones on a Powermat to regain charge, though the cell phone must be equipped with built-in charging technology or a special adapter must be purchased.

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“We continue to work with Powermat to bring their technologies to GM products, but for competitive reasons we’re not discussing specifics at this time,” said Dan Flores, a spokesman for GM. Back in 2011 GM announced its involvement with Powermat, and at the time the brand indicated that the wireless charger would arrive first in the Chevrolet Volt.

[Source: Automotive News]