Green Paint Gaining Ground in Vehicle Color Popularity

Green Paint Gaining Ground in Vehicle Color Popularity

When it comes to cars, the color green isn’t just to signify eco-friendly anymore.

Growing in popularity worldwide, the shade of green is setting a trend for bold automotive colors according to the paint specialist at BASF. Overall, the automotive landscape is becoming more colorful, as automakers are leaving the mundane world of black, silver, white and brown behind. In cultures worldwide, the color green may have different meanings, but shades of green are popping up in every automaker’s portfolio.

BASF also touches on the future of paint shades, stating that matte coatings are growing in popularity while new effect pigments are on the horizon. BASF itself is working on a new “XSpark” effect category that will offer a distinct sparkle in certain lighting conditions.

“With new technologies, new models and new mobility concepts, a shift in values is on the horizon. In this context, green as the color of growth and a new beginning is playing a key role,” explained Mark Gutjahr, Head of Design Europe at BASF.

  • Mark

    That is yellow

  • Honest Abe

    Looks green to me. But I gut what you’re saying.

  • CA_Refugee

    More like a puke yellow…. with an undertone of some green. Probably from some lime jello.

    Bright green on the McLaren MP4-12C is actually pretty good looking tho.

  • bagger

    there are some very nice greens but this Dodge green isn’t one of them. I have a green and white motorcycle and would buy a green car …. maybe like GM’s Synergy green.

  • Honest Abe

    You are SO right! That has to be the best color green on any car!

  • Adrian

    Do not think it’s so easy that the green color from one day to another to become the best selling.
    Will continue to dominate the neutral tones.