Honda Ads Getting New Slogan: ‘Start Something Special’

Honda Ads Getting New Slogan: ‘Start Something Special’

Honda will be introducing a new advertising tag line in its marketing efforts, “Start Something Special,” the Japanese automaker has announced.

The phrase will be a consistent theme covering all brands, and the tag line will be used to close all Honda-branded ads, Mike Accavitti, American Honda’s senior vice president of automotive operations has said.

It is the first big marketing move from Honda’s ad agency RPA since it lost the Acura account to Mullen. Let’s be honest, if you’ve seen Honda’s recent ads, they need work. The whole “Helpful Honda People” isn’t exactly entertaining, amusing, or memorable. But according to Honda, the automaker wants to stress that it isn’t in the market to just sell a car, but to build a relationship. “We’re going to show what’s so special about owning a Fit, Accord, Odyssey or whatever,” said Accavitti.

Expect to see the tag line this fall when Honda launches new ad campaigns for its core models: Civic, Accord, Odyssey, and CR-V. If it is successful and catches on, Honda will continue using it beyond the fall.

[Source: Automotive News]

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