Honda NSX Once Owned by Ayrton Senna For Sale

Honda NSX Once Owned by Ayrton Senna For Sale

A 1993 Honda NSX that was once in the possession of Ayrton Senna, three-time Formula 1 champion, is for sale on eBay.

At one point in time, Senna had three NSXs at his disposal, one of which was bought for him by his personal mentor and sponsor, Antonio de Almeida Braga. That particular NSX stayed in a palace in Sintra, Portugla near the Estoril Circuit. Sporting chassis number 000999, that particular NSX is now for sale sporting 31,000 miles on the odometer. According to the current owner, he purchased it 17 years ago and has hardly used it since. In fact, it still has the original carpets used by Senna the last time he drove it, including his foot print.

Die-hard NSX and Senna fans might want to take a closer look at this vehicle, and while it’s not like other collectibles out there, it does have a certain aura of prestige and history with it.

[Source: eBay]

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