Hyundai, Kia Partners with UM to Develop New Car Tech

Hyundai, Kia Partners with UM to Develop New Car Tech

The Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI) is partnering with the University of Michigan to devise systems that will help curb distracted driving, and reduce fuel consumption. 

Engineers from HATCI will work with graduate students and professors from the university in a collaborative effort to develop a deterrent for ‘highway hypnosis’, a mental state in which a driver can pass over many miles without recollection of having consciously done so. Using electroencephalograph (EEG) sensors, the engineers are looking to devise a way to study a driver’s brainwave activity to be able to identify the signs of drowsiness early on. When detected, an audible or tactile alarm will go off to keep the driver awake.

This type of system already exists today, but it uses head position and eyelid activity to determine drowsiness, both of which keep the system from detecting the onset of sleep until the very end, unlike EEG sensors which detect sleepiness early on.

The team is also looking into optimizing engines using a dual pre-chamber lean-burn combustion system. The study will focus on combustion chamber and piston dome geometry development, and work will be carried out on a single cylinder optical engine.

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