Hyundai Receives $3M to Build Hydrogen Fueling Station

Hyundai Receives $3M to Build Hydrogen Fueling Station

Hyundai has received a $3 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to build a new, 100-percent renewable hydrogen fueling station for fuel-cell electric vehicles at the automaker’s hydrogen energy generation and fueling station in Chino, California.

At the new fueling station, 100 percent of the energy used in generation and operation of the station along with all of the fuel dispensed will come from a renewable source. The energy used to create hydrogen will be purchased from a renewable energy provider and the station will be able to produce at least 220 pounds of hydrogen a day.

The station, which is located at a testing facility for Hyundai American Technical Center, Inc., will be located where an existing hydrogen station already is. That hydrogen station was originally built in 2005 to support the Korean automaker’s fuel-cell vehicle fleet. In addition to the $3 million granted, an additional $1.7 million has been funded by partners Hydrogen Frontier, Inc., Powertech, and ITM Power, which will go towards modernizing the facility.

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The fueling station will be open to the public once it is completed, which is scheduled to be October 2014. Hyundai has been researching hydrogen-powered, fuel-cell vehicles in the U.S. since 2000.

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