Infiniti Boss Positive on Electric Cars, Negative on Dates

Infiniti Boss Positive on Electric Cars, Negative on Dates

Infiniti president, Johan de Nysschen, just reaffirmed that the automaker is committed to EVs.

In July, Infiniti announced that its electric vehicle would be delayed in order to develop better technology. Though the rumor mill has churned that Infiniti’s delay is more of a cancellation, de Nysschen wants to make it clear that there is an Infiniti EV on the way. He elaborated that the electric car delay was in part to ensure the automaker grows in all directions, especially now that it’s launching its new naming convention.

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In an interview with Autoblog Green, de Nysschen shared that the automaker “will make a decision on the next step on this car [the EV] in the next 12 months.” He shared that the delay isn’t going to be a few years, but rather a “relatively short” one, while hinting that China will play a major role in Infiniti’s decision on when to move forward.

As for what the Infiniti boss considers a reasonable time before the Infiniti EV emerges? Three years.

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[Source: Autoblog Green]

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