Jaguar Might Need Compact Front-Wheel Drive Model

Jaguar Might Need Compact Front-Wheel Drive Model

Jaguar may have to turn its attention to building a compact front-wheel drive model in order to meet increasingly strict European CO2 regulations.

Though the British automaker is currently working on adding its compact sedan and crossover models to its lineup, it might not be enough for Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) fleet average to meet 2020 regulations. Similar to what BMW is doing with its new front-wheel-drive platform, JLR could invest into mass market, front-wheel-drive models.

It’s even tougher for JLR to meet strict regulations considering its yearly output is around 700,000 units with its lineup mostly composed of SUVs. Then again, Jaguar’s design boss, Ian Callum, has always appreciated the design challenge in building a distinctive, compact model. Unfortunately for the automaker, investing into a compact, front-wheel-drive platform would be costly, especially if those models weren’t as profitable as Jaguar’s current offerings.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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