Kia Niro Concept Aims ‘Innovative Powertrain’ at Europe

Kia Niro Concept Aims ‘Innovative Powertrain’ at Europe

Kia just announced that the concept car it will bring to Frankfurt will be called the “Niro.”

Meant to preview what that brand will market in the b-segment beside cars sized like the Ford Fiesta, the Niro seems to feature a raised ride height with two side doors and a rear hatch. The Korean concept is heavily styled inside and out, and Kia says it features an “innovative new powertrain.”

Kia says the car was created with European tastes in mind and with elements not normally often associated with smaller cars. The technical details are still being kept a secret, but expect the powertrain to be designed for fuel savings. The company plans to use this concept as a test flight for a possible production car based on customer response.

Earlier this year in Geneva, Kia debuted its “Provo” concept. If built, it would sit somewhere near Nissan’s Juke crossover. That concept came with a “smart four-wheel drive hybrid system” that could distribute up to 45 hp to the rear wheels. It could also drive exclusively on electric power.

GALLERY: Kia Niro Concept


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