Mazda Boosting SkyActiv Engine Production 25 Percent

Mazda Boosting SkyActiv Engine Production 25 Percent

Mazda has announced that strong demand for its SkyActiv engine has prompted the Japanese automaker to increase production by 25 percent.

The expansion will take place at Mazda’s Hiroshima plant and will increase production from 800,000 units per year to one million units annually. In addition, Mazda stated that it’ll make the facility more flexible when it installs a new and highly versatile engine machining line at the plant.

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The automaker will also convert an existing line used to assemble its MZR engines to also enable production of SkyActiv powerplants. Currently, Mazda offers a lineup of four-cylinder SkyActiv gasoline engines and SkyActiv-D clean diesel engines.

Expanding the engine production will play a key role in Mazda’s goal to increase global sales to 1.7 million by 2016. The automaker expects 80 percent of those vehicles will be equipped with SkyActiv technology.

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