Mazda Rotary Engine to Return in Two Years with All-New Model

Mazda Rotary Engine to Return in Two Years with All-New Model

Wankel fans, it’s time to celebrate! A new rotary engine is certainly in development by Mazda, and it will make its debut in two years under the hood of an all-new model.

Known internally as the 16X, the new rotary engine will be more fuel efficient than the one last offered in the RX-8 while offering more performance. The Japanese automaker is also working on ensuring the new motor doesn’t burn as much oil as before during high revs and hopes to give it a big torque upgrade.

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Over recent years, Mazda has been developing the SkyActiv family of engines and will be applying much of that technology to assist the new rotary engine in being fuel efficient while offering ample performance. Unfortunately no details on whether it’ll be naturally aspirated or turbocharged were offered. But at least the Japanese automaker is sticking to its traditions and looking to bring rotary engines into the future.

[Source: Autoblog]

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  • Jffry J. Jrdn

    I love you Mazda.

  • Alfie

    Why? Just give up on this stupid engine tech already. If it was any good…. everyone would be doing it.

  • Travis

    YES!! I never wanted to buy a brand new car until this very moment!

  • Fenda

    I’ve owned an RX-7 for the last 7 years… Fuel efficient + Power + lower oil consumption are NOT things that go together when talking about a rotary, lol.

    That being said, I’m interested to see what they come up with, however I will NOT be saving my pennies to buy a new one, nor will I consider trading my FD in on one..

  • jose .rodriguez

    this guy^^^^^^^ obviously never had a rotary once you get the rotor love you’ll always have a soft spot for them

  • Scott L.

    Having owned my fair share of rotaries one thing that never bothered me was the oil consumption. They always make a big deal out of it for some reason. Fuel mileage though… The RX-8 was abysmal. That could definitely use some improvement.