Mercedes Reveals 2014 Turbo V6 F1 Engine Note

Mercedes Reveals 2014 Turbo V6 F1 Engine Note

Starting next season, all F1 cars will use new turbocharged V6 engines, and the Mercedes AMG Petronas team is the first to offer up a sample of what the new powerplants will sound like.

The audio heard in the video was recorded at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in Brixworth, UK, and was then synced with a simulated lap of the Monza circuit. The new powerplant (pictured above) emits a higher pitch than the current engines, which some fans are sure to enjoy while others may not accept it quite as easy.

Mercedes’s F1 engine revs to 15,000 rpm, while its single turbocharger is capable of spinning at speeds of up to 125,000 rpm.

Check out the F1 engine note below.

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  • smartacus

    120° V6 sounds clean, but 15,000RPM is too low.

    I miss the harrying and harrowing shriek of Alesi and Berger’s 1994 Ferrari V12.

    *20,000RPM Cosworth V8 from 2006 was good too.

  • ms.piggy

    imho there are so many nice sounding F1 engines throughout the years impossible to say who´s the best but the V10´s a few years back was amazing.. Then all talk about limiting revs and this and that started and never been the same since..