MINI Cooper Transmission Class Action Lawsuit to be Approved by Judge

MINI Cooper Transmission Class Action Lawsuit to be Approved by Judge

A class action lawsuit against BMW of North America on a transmission defect in the 2001-2006 MINI Coopers is expected to be approved by U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez.

The affected vehicles were equipped with the British automaker’s continuously variable transmission (CVT), which, the suit alleges, was known to fail even when being well maintained. The suit claims that BMW hid the defects of the CVT from its customers but informed dealers that it was an issue. It is being reported that BMW will settle and offer to reimburse up to 1,200 affected owners that needed repairs within eight years or 150,000 miles of their original purchase. The plaintiffs have estimated the repair costs to range from $6,000 to $9,000.

The proposed class action lawsuit settlement will also provide a max of $4,100 to Class Members who had their Coopers repaired at a third-party facility, and up to $2,000 to owners which sold the vehicle at a loss as a result of the transmission defects. BMW has also agreed to cover all future repairs on the affected Coopers for up to 150,000 miles and eight years.

Also, owners of MINI Coopers who had their transmissions replaced after the warranty expired will get a three-year, 50,000-mile parts warranty.

The original lawsuit was filed in 2011 and four similar class action lawsuits have been filed since.

[Source: Top Class Actions]

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  • Mark

    Shame they don’t do the same for the 2001 to late 2004 mini one I had 3 gearboxes and apparently Bmw no there is a problem and changed it in late 2004

  • jonathan

    Oh dear naughty mini

  • Dr. Gary

    Mini dealer charged me $450 to reprogram my 2005 Cooper’s computer when my transmission wouldn’t shift. They said I was lucky I didn’t have to replace the whole thing. Any thoughts as to if this will be included in the class action?

  • Samantha

    How can I find out if this applies to me? I had to replace my transmission and clutch at the beginning of summer for 2003 Mini Cooper S

  • L.T.

    2006 convertible s is next … BMW needs to own up … My Mini at 55k new transmission everything that could go wrong after warranty has.
    Mini Copper America own your mistakes !

  • tonmilv

    I have my transmission reprogram last year. I wonder if I need to send a notification to get a refund.05 mini

  • Asdf

    Punctuation, dude. Find a some periods and commas.

  • Steve Abbott

    The suit only applies to CVT Automatic Transmissions. Clutches unfortunately do have a service life and require replacement.

  • zak431

    how do i get on board with this? had my tranny fail and it cost me over $5000 to get a new one and they didnt cover it

  • fastfinger

    Not sure of that wording, does it mean my 2005 CVT automatically gets an new extended transmission warranty in case my unit fails even though I didn’t have it repaired or replaced yet?

  • chrisp

    The issue will be whether, if successful, the judgement would apply to jurisdiction outside of the USA. The automatic transmission failed on my Mini1 (2002 model) despite having only driven 65000 miles and full service history. The cost of a new transmission was £4500 according to BMW. I managed to get it fixed at a specialist gearbox repairer for £750. Still running.

  • gp

    hi all, dose this work in ireland ?

  • Ilanit Danielle Benor

    I’ve seen comments but no responses. I purchased my 2006 Mini Cooper S in November of 2012 from Carmax. At the time, the salesperson repeated suggested that I get the 100,000 mile warranty. He said that Minis are notorious for failing transmissions. It was $5000. Sure enough, 4 months later it needed replacement. I called carmax and Mini. Carmax scheduled an appointment but said, they would need to keep the car for 4 days until they diagnosed if it was a warranty issue. They would not authorize a loaner car until it was diagnosed. I called Mini. They said it was a good thing I called because carmax cannot repair minis. They said that they could diagnose within an hour and give me a loaner. They did. The transmission needed to be replaced for $9000. They said they had a $1600 “handling fee” other than my $300 warranty. I said… what is “handling”. They would receive the transmission from the vendor that they get it from. The handling fee is NOT for the receipt of the transmission. It’s for holding the transmission for the time between they receive it and when they put it in my car. My ex husband called them and they reduced the fee from $1600 to $50. When I came to pick it up, the handling fee on the bill was $100 because they had to charge me that so they could work with me on bringing the fee down. I contacted Carmax. My salesperson hung up on me and would not answer my calls. Carmax said that because I didn’t take my car to them, they would offer me no refund. Mini said oh well. How do I get involved in the lawsuit. My car fits the bill… my dream car is a nightmare!

  • calvin

    I am in Cape Town South Africa I bought my mini cooper s 1600 2005 second hand from a reputable dealer in june 2013 now my transmission is playing up it is sticking when i get into traffic.Will they repair or replace it and who do I go to and will it be carried as a claim

  • Lynn Wallington

    Hello,I have just read this, (Feb 2014) my daughter has just been told her 2006 Mini one needs a new gear box, costing up to £5000 !!!!!, where did you go to get it repaired, she lives in Herts. many thanks…….