MyFord Touch Update to Improve Buttons, Voice Control

MyFord Touch Update to Improve Buttons, Voice Control

Ford announced the latest update today for its Sync voice recognition software and MyFord Touch infotainment system.

Ford and Lincoln customers are expected to have download access to the update by next week. The tweaks are meant to make it easier for users to pair smartphones, simplify voice recognition and make touchscreen buttons easier to press.

Currently, the software divides its audio, navigation, climate and phone controls into four sections, but in order to access those functions, the user needs to touch a small area within the quadrant. This update addresses the problem by making the entire section into a button rather than a portion of it.

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Voice commands are also supposed to be simpler, cutting out some of the steps from previous versions.

Ford’s touchscreen systems were initially panned by reviewers for being buggy. A subsequent update meant to make the system simpler also raised controversy when users discovered that the update took more than an hour and that the car needed to idle through the process.

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