New Volkswagen Systems Aim for Accident-Free Driving

New Volkswagen Systems Aim for Accident-Free Driving

Volkswagen has reaffirmed its dedication to developing driver assistance systems to significantly reduce traffic fatalities under the automaker’s “Vision Zero” concept.

Currently, the German automaker is focusing on improving the perception of the vehicle’s surroundings and events in traffic, finding ways to assist the driver in challenging traffic situations, helping improve the safety of vehicle passengers and others in traffic, and new ways to help drivers avoid accidents and serious injuries.

One of the technologies that Volkswagen is introducing are parking assistants, a system that enables automatic parking and exiting from narrow spaces through the use of a smartphone or remote control. The system would be useful in scenarios where the car can fit, but not with enough space to open the doors.

In addition, the automaker is also looking into developing a technology that could help vehicles navigate automatically through road construction zones, along with systems that take control of steering in a medical emergency and help safely brake the vehicle to a stop.

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