Next-Gen Chevy Volt Could See 20% Range Increase: CEO

Next-Gen Chevy Volt Could See 20% Range Increase: CEO

Though it’s still a few years out, the next-generation Chevrolet Volt could see at least a 20-percent increase in its electric-only range.

According to GM CEO Dan Akerson, the American automaker wouldn’t be satisfied in calling its new Volt next-generation if it didn’t get at least a 20 percent improvement, to 50-60 miles, if not more. Unfortunately, Akerson believes that won’t be achievable for at least another three to four years, but believes it’ll be cost-efficient to develop and produce in a couple of years.

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The Volt recently got a drastic price drop, which Akerson says is due to production costs declining now that batteries are cheaper. The timing, however, comes suspiciously after Nissan cut the retail price of its Leaf EV by $6,000 significantly undercutting the Volt.

The current Volt has an energy density of approximately 140 Wh/kg, and rumor has it the American automaker is out and about testing mules with up to 400 Wh/kg.

Of course the aim would be to have an EPA-estimated range of over 50-60 miles for the next-generation Volt, putting it closer with the Leaf’s electric range of 84 miles.

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  • obermd

    GM needs to put those new batteries in the Spark EV as well, giving it a range that exceeds the Leaf.

  • Eddy E

    You’re right. At least it’s faster though!