Nissan Considering a Boost in Leaf Production

Nissan Considering a Boost in Leaf Production

Thanks to a surge in sales, Nissan is considering boosting production of its all-electric Leaf.

Electric vehicles across the board have been receiving price cuts lately to help them stay competitive, and to combat slow sales. Nissan introduced a new trim level that brought the base price down to less than $19,000 for a Leaf in certain states with high incentives.

From January to July of this year, Nissan has moved 11,703 Leafs in the US, representing a 230 percent increase over last year’s Leaf sales in the same time period.

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Measures are already being taken to increase the amount of electric motors produced at Nissan’s engine factory in Decherd, Tenn, though the brand will take a slow measured approach to boosting production. “…We don’t want to ramp up and then ramp back down,” Bill Krueger, Nissan Americas vice chairman and senior vice president for manufacturing told Automotive News. “We want to see that it’s sustainable. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of cars out there that you can’t sell.”

Sales in August will heavily influence the decision, as Nissan tries to figure out if the current sales numbers are going to sustain, or if it is simply a bubble. A decision on Leaf production is expected to be made in September.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Leaf Man

    I love my 2011 Leaf… 19,500 on the clock still going fine. I’m looking at getting the 2013 model (better range, leather more toys).