Nissan Growing its EV Lineup to Five Models

Nissan Growing its EV Lineup to Five Models

Nissan is still betting big on electric vehicles with plans to expand its Global EV portfolio to five vehicles.

Currently the brand only sells the all-electric Leaf, but we already know that Nissan intends to release an Infiniti-badged EV as well as an electric version of the NV200 cargo van.

The two new models mentioned remain a mystery, but are probably still some time away as Nissan is taking a long-term approach. “We haven’t announced what models they will be, but we have plans for five,” Carla Bailo, senior VP for r&d at Nissan Americas told Automotive News. “The others will come in due time.”

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One of the key features of Nissan’s upcoming EVs will be inductive charging. This allows drivers to park their vehicles over top of a charging mat and have their battery recharge without having to be plugged in. “Once that technology is ready, we will use it across our brands,” Bailo said.

Inductive charging is important enough for the brand that Infiniti has already said that it has delayed its electric car specifically to wait for inductive charging capability.

[Source: Auto News Europe]

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