Nissan Leaf Sales Mapped Over Top 15 US Regions

Nissan Leaf Sales Mapped Over Top 15 US Regions

Nissan released the top 15 markets where its Leaf electric car sells best today.

The news comes after sales of the electric hatchback soared through 2013 after the company announced a massive price cut. It’s far from enough to move the car into mainstream sales, but Nissan spurred other automakers to follow suit, offering less expensive lease rates and lower prices.


Most importantly, the move lead to Chevrolet lowering the price of its Volt range-extended electric car.

So where are all the Leafs going? Not surprisingly, two of the top cities are in California: San Francisco and Los Angeles. But Atlanta rounds off the top three. In fact, Californian cities don’t come back into the list until seventh and eighth place for San Diego and Sacramento respectively.

In fact, Seattle, Portland and Honalulu take the four, five and six spots.

In June, startup electric car manufacturer Tesla lost a battle to sell its Model S electric sedan in Texas. Tesla’s factory-to-customer sales model was the reason for the rejection, but CEO Elon Musk said at the time that he saw Texas as a potential second-place market behind California for Tesla, were the brand allowed to open shop in Austin.

Texas has a place on Nissan’s map, but Dallas is the only city from that state and it comes in 14th place.

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