Nissan Preparing New Z Car as 240Z Spiritual Successor

Nissan Preparing New Z Car as 240Z Spiritual Successor

According to the latest reports, Nissan is preparing a spiritual successor to the 240Z, an all-new Z car that’s currently codenamed Z35.

The Z35 will honor the 240Z by bringing a modern interpretation to the classic’s long front end and short deck. Essentially it will be a downsized 370Z, which means it will be about 2-inches narrower. But more importantly, the Japanese automaker aims to use plenty of lightweight, high-tensile steel on the Z35 in order for it to weigh in at a class-leading 2,866 pounds.

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Currently, Nissan is mulling over whether or not to offer a V6 with the Z35. The Japanese automaker is hoping to wean its customers off the popular V6 that’s currently found in many of its models in favor of a more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine. It is rumored that the automaker is working on a 2.5-liter turbo-four cylinder that will produce around 330 horsepower.

Nissan may have to dial the performance back however, in order to ensure the car is somewhat respectable in the fuel-efficiency department. Luckily, the brand has its NISMO arm that can produce a high-performance variant that’s more acceptable.

So does this mean the Z35 will replace the current 370Z? It’s possible, and Nissan may be reinventing the Z car all over again. A concept of the new Z is expected to be unveiled at next year’s Detroit Auto Show.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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  • Bug S Bunny

    “Spiritual” successor to the 240Z? THAT was the 240SX.

  • Robby G

    Good point! A modern era 240SX is just what the world needs though! It’s going to DESTROY the FR-S!

  • Mark Gold

    Agreed, a modern day 240SX would be a great matchup for the Toyobaru. I always loved the first gen S13 hatchbacks. And if they do build one, it needs a better power to weight ratio than the competition. 200hp is barely enough to break the rear wheels free in a drift, and that’s only because of the BRZ/FR-S’s wimpy tires which are standard equipment on the Prius.

  • Felix Haus

    Nissan already has a great 1.6T from the Juke. A bit more boost and it would make for a nice package.

  • Mark Gold

    The Nismo Juke puts out 195hp from an overboosted version of the standard Juke turbo motor. My guess is that Nissan would probably want a bit more than that, especially if they can’t match the BRZ/FR-S curb weight of just under 2800lbs. I’m not sure they can safely boost it more without compromising the reliability. There’s also the fact that it’s in a transverse layout, so I’m not sure how easy it would be to adapt it to RWD. That being said, it does put out more torque than the Toyobaru boxer motor, so, who knows. My money is on an entirely new motor.

  • gogriz91

    4 instead of 6 cylinders? Why not a modern RB26 in a 2600 pound retro Z chassis? More disappointment than good news but I’m beholden to the S30 and the 240 in particular.

  • Kenan and Kel

    MY G37 > 370Z (370Z is still very cool though)

  • Atticus

    Congratulations to Nissan ! The new Z35 will be a winner with the enthusiast market and will be a serious challenge to the Scion FR-S. But, I wonder if 330 HP will be too much for the proposed light weight chassis to handle and still perform like a nimble, precise sports car. Perhaps a 280 HP Z35 would be better overall and would also keep gas mileage at a respectable level.

  • Honest Abe

    If you want a slower car… go buy a Toyota.

  • trehsu

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind the changes. Smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient and a lower cost. If that comes at the cost of a v6 I’m ok with is. More importantly, will it handle better?

  • trehsu

    I’m guessing that’s what might happen. The Z35 will have less than 330 but of course way more than the Scubion. Right around 280, that’s actually the number that motortrend estimates. Then it’ll be like a hybrid of the current 370z and the Fr-s. A good compromise. More performance than the Fr-s but lighter and more nimble than the 370Z, at a price in between. Sound’s like a good strategy for Nissan to get potential Fr-s buyers to move over to Nissan without going into direct competition with the Fr-s/BRZ

  • Kinetis

    I could see the 370Z getting the 2.5 turbo and the 240Z getting the naturally aspirated 2.5 if they decide to keep the 370Z around.

  • Atticus

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I do wish, however, there was more information about the Z35. But, just on the basis of 280 HP and a price tag that’ll be competitive with the “Scubion”, Nissan’s new pocket-rocket will be a very attractive option for enthusiasts.

  • Duke

    the article said nearly the exact same thing ..don t need to repeat is as I got it the first time.

  • Atticus

    Honestly Abe….. I want the best car for the money. In the end; if that happens to be the new and improved FR-S or the reworked Z35, my decision will come as a result of facts I’ve gathered.

  • Atticus

    It’s called expanding or clarifying a point.

  • haz

    rather have the 370z (z34) no matter what! just tweak the current engine and add in a twin turbocharger!

  • Z33 owner

    I don’t think they will be aiming only at the Toyobaru twins, historically the Z was right up there with the mustang (think 2010) when the 370z came out it was actually faster/better handling then the mustang gt of that year.
    I am thinking the Z will be right up there with the new mustang GT, far far above the toybaru playing field.

    Honestly a 2900lb car with 330hp would put a lot of hurt on many modern sports cars.

    It’s about time we enter into the lightweight chasis war instead of over-rated horsepower war.

    Quote for the future “Who can make the fastest car with the best efficiency”

  • Kerry Phillips

    Get the weight down, 2750 maximum. Trim the car a little more, make it a true two-seater. Those “jumper” seats in the rear no longer fool the insurance companies. And now I just reduced the manufacturer’s cost as well. Inline 4 Vs, V6? Let the people decide, sell the car with both! Lease/borrow/steal Mazda’s Skyactive technology and the 2.5 Liter 4 Cylinder will be perfect. Watch your aerodynamics, a tall cruising 6th gear, and the car can flirt with 40 mpg HWY.
    Have a diesel engine option. In a lightweight highly aerodynamic package, Nissan can easily capture America’s highest MPG, at least in a non-hybrid.

  • Denis

    Lighter car with a 4 cylinder turbo engine is basically a new 240sx whatever you call it. They can call it Z250 instead of S16 Silvia but it looks like S chassis successor.
    This car will be great. It will be a lot more tunable than GT86.
    More power out of GT86 means $$$ as the car is naturally aspirated from the factory

  • mike

    get rid of the ridiculous name,240 260 280z 280zx 300zx 350z 370z
    Fairlady Z all the way

  • Grinder

    Sure it’s an S chassis successor. It sucecceds the S30, S130,….

  • Grinder

    Fairlady has always been the RHD version of this car and the North American naming has been based on the displacement of the engine. Keep that the same….

  • FricFrac

    I’d love to see a straight 6 back in the Z cars…. a new version of the RB26 would be very cool. How about a 2JZ killer Nissan?

  • FricFrac

    Nissan has typically used Porsche as their target. The Cayman S was the target with the 370Z which in 2009 had the same performance at half the price (although in the bumpy corners the Cayman does outshine the 370Z – nothing a set of coilovers doesn’t fix and then some).

  • Paul__Revere

    The gay community has spoken!
    End of discussion