Nissan Trademarks ‘R-Hybrid’ Emblem, Likely for GT-R

Nissan Trademarks ‘R-Hybrid’ Emblem, Likely for GT-R

Nissan has recently filed a trademark application for a badge marked with “R-HYBRID”, suggesting that the GT-R may be getting a hybrid power train. 

Fans of the GT-R will quickly recognize that the ‘R’ being used in the trademark filing shares its design with the ‘R’ used in the GT-R nameplate. Couple that with the fact that a hybrid powertrain has been hinted over the last couple of years by Nissan executives, and it seems fairly certain that a GT-R Hybrid is in the works.

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The big question is whether or not we’ll see a hybrid variant for the current-generation GT-R, or if it’ll make its debut in the next-generation model, which isn’t expected until 2017. Given the time frame and how often Nissan has injected the R35 GT-R with improvements over the years, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Japanese automaker integrates a hybrid system into the current GT-R for even more performance.

Before you think that Nissan is simply turning the GT-R into a hybrid in order to maximize fuel economy though, think again. The hybrid system will undoubtedly boost performance in the GT-R, much like how McLaren is using it in its P1 supercar and Ferrari in its LaFerrari. Expect the electric motor to provide a boost in torque, which will help get the GT-R going while its turbos spool up.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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