Porsche 984 Planned as a 918 Sedan

Porsche 984 Planned as a 918 Sedan

The sales for the Porsche 918 supercar may be off to a slow start, but that hasn’t stopped the German automaker from preparing a four-door variant with even more power and a cheaper price tag.

According to a recent report, a potential spinoff of the 918 is in the works, known as project 984. Most significant is the use of the number four, which symbolizes seating for four in what will essentially be a 918 sedan.

It will reportedly use the same carbon fiber chassis as the 918, but will be stretched and reinforced to support a 2+2 seating configuration. It will have the same powerplant as the 918, a mid-mounted 4.6-liter V8, but will disregard the hybrid setup. Instead, Porsche will just inject more performance into the engine, so expect around 700 horsepower.

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It’ll be a low-volume production vehicle, but its output wouldn’t be limited – perhaps only by the number of buyers. It’s expected to be priced at half the 918, and according to Automobile Magazine, Porsche chief engineer Michael Mauer has already built a full-size concept “that is simply too beautiful to spend the rest of its life hidden under wraps.”

Unfortunately, the 984 won’t be ready before 2017. Discussions are still ongoing on whether having a 2+2 seating configuration is a good idea, but a decision will mostly be based on the 918’s popularity once it hits the market.

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[Source: Automobile]

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  • Honest Abe

    I call shenanigans. How the hell is the sedan going to use the same carbon fiber frame the 918 Spider does? What idiot wrote this?