Roomy Vehicles Make Drivers Unethical: Study

Roomy Vehicles Make Drivers Unethical: Study

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at MIT and Berkeley, roomier interiors lead to drivers to being more unethical… wait, what?

Titled “The Ergonomics of Dishonesty: The Effect of Incidental Posture on Stealing, Cheating, and Traffic Violations,” the study concludes that expansive posture and positioning can indirectly lead to unethical or dishonest behavior. But the way it was conducted puts its authenticity to question.

To relate driver habits to roomy interiors, the researchers had participants play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on a PlayStation 3. That’s right, they were tested with a video game, one that already puts you in the psychological mindset to be unethical.

Conclusions were drawn by altering the seating positions randomly for each participant, some drivers in more expansive positions than others. In addition, the study did conduct some real-world testing, having those same participants head to New York City to determine the correlation between double parking, vehicle size, and the space drivers had.

Have you ever tried to find a parking spot in New York City? Even the most ethical of people will do unethical things to secure that spot.

[Source: University of California Berkeley]

  • Luis A. Martinez

    Room? On a hummer H1?,no way….wish to have the money to get one and drive it like there is no tomorrow,reason for bigger cars in because in some cases is more safe,nothing about ethic

  • chavitz

    To some extent, it is “true”. In the case of obese people who drive thier huge body all the time, they irresponsibly over-eat, lazy or slow, usually take more space or resources as if they are innately deserved,…. Ethnically or not, those people, including roomy car drivers behave in a way to correspond to their physical needs.