Smart ForTwo Ranked Most Embarrassing Car: Survey

Smart ForTwo Ranked Most Embarrassing Car: Survey

According to a recent survey of 1,500 licensed drivers, the Smart ForTwo is the most embarrassing car, averaging a “cringe score” of 7.6.

The survey, conducted by,  showed a gallery of 12 vehicles to 1,500 drivers and asked which one was the most embarrassing to be seen in.

The Nissan Cube came in as the second most embarrassing car to be seen in, and the Hummer H2 in third. But the competition wasn’t even close, with 497 votes going to the Smart ForTwo as the number-one most embarrassing car. Why do people think this way? The most-cited reason was the car being too small, and the top write-in reason was for it being unsafe. For comparison’s sake, the Nissan Cube had a cringe score of 3.6, less than half of the ForTwo.

Other interesting findings from the survey include the fact that purple is the most cringe-worthy color for a vehicle and that an inexpensive compact is the most embarrassing category of vehicle to be seen driving. Minivans were second while eco-friendly hybrids were third. And as for the most embarrassing accessory found on a vehicle? None other than headlight eyelashes, taking 34 percent of the votes.

So how awful would a purple Smart ForTwo with headlight eyelashes be on the road?


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  • allenegg

    maybe the (Toyota) I.Q. is “smarter”.

  • Alfie

    A Porsche 911 Cabriolet… it just SCREAMS douchebag!

  • smartacus

    smart fortwo unsafe? Uh OK… they must’ve asked 1500 Scion salesmen because it’s general knowledge that smart fortwo is only the SAFEST CAR EVER PUT ON THE ROAD!

    -Maximum 8 gallons of fuel to catastrophically ignite.
    -SIDE INTRUSION IMPOSSIBLE when T-boned because you must hit one or both axles.
    -Everyone saw the smart fortwo video hitting a brick wall head on at 70MPH.
    -Top Speed is only 90.

    **There’s a reason it recently outsold iQ by a colossal 33x in some places!!
    Same 1500 marketing geniuses voted purple as MOST EMBARRASSING color?

    “PROWLER PURPLE” Plymouth Prowler


    “METALLIC PURPLE” 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE
    **those cars cost MORE because of their paint alone as compared to the same cars in non-purple for some embarrassing reason.

    carinsurance .com isn’t mistaken. Lying and pushing an agenda, but not mistaken… for some reason.
    ** girls driving cars with eyelashes are the ones to get. You won’t be embarrassed.

  • “**There’s a reason it recently outsold iQ by a colossal 33x in some places!!”
    The fact that Mercedes actually promotes the Smart, combined with the volume of manufacture, may have a tiny bit to do with this.

  • smartacus

    i totally agree with you, No way they found 1500 people to say smart fortwo is more embarrassing or less safe than the ugly trashy deathtrap iQ.

    iQ can’t crash head-on into a concrete barrier like a smart fortwo.
    My good friend has a Fit and it has a REAL backseat.