Subaru at ‘Major Turning Point,’ Could Expand Lineup

Subaru at ‘Major Turning Point,’ Could Expand Lineup

Coming off an extremely successful year where it saw its stock rise fivefold, Subaru believes it’s at a major turning point in its history and will be evaluating its long-term direction this month.

Profit and sales for Subaru are pointed to achieve record highs and its success has President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga worrying that Subaru is getting too big. Yoshinaga said that the automaker should continue “making cars only Subaru can make that are a little more expensive and more profitable than the competition.” Which means, continuing to specialize in all-wheel-drive vehicles and sports cars.

Internally, discussions are being raised on whether Subaru should expand its current lineup of models, develop cheaper vehicles for emerging markets, or stick to its core products. Expect the decision to be made slowly, especially considering its biggest shareholder is Toyota.

This year, Subaru sales increased 13 percent to 724,000 units in the year ended March and could rise to 752,000 this fiscal year. Subaru estimates deliveries to reach one million by the end of the decade, but the automaker could very well reach that mark ahead of schedule. Yoshinaga believes that production of one-million vehicles annually is an “appropriate level” for the automaker.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Alfie

    How about you start offering diesel models?

  • SoYntGo4it

    They offer it just not in the US because the US regulates the bejesus out of everything.

  • TSS

    I agree with a TDI version. Bring back performance models on the Legacy & Outback version GT or STi like in Japan, if VW & KIA all have turbo versions & hybrids why not Subaru. A Baja/Brat model and better Tribeca model or revamp. The BRZ STi.

  • Polka Bone

    I’d like to have the Legacy Wagon back but that won’t happen. I say restyle the Outback and stretch it another 2 inches for more room in the rear seating area, 6 or 7-speed transmissions rather than CVT, better telematics and maybe even a hybrid powertrain. I get the wish for TDI, but living in metro Atlanta and with a 40 cent premium for diesel fuel, it means higher cost of ownership.

  • Dr. John

    1: TDI for all current models. 2: An updated (and better-styled) Brat or Baja. 3: Six-speed transmission (auto and manual).

  • smartacus

    we know Toyota is gonna partner up with someone for a sub FR-S, maybe Subie again?

  • Caio lima caldas

    Maybe subaru want’s more sport car.

  • jdavis92

    If the increase in mileage is what it should be by running a TDI, I think you’ll find that the cost of ownership would be a wash or perhaps be lower.

  • Valley Dweller

    Diesel for the US!! Increased MPG isn’t the only benefit – don’t forget the torque!!

  • John

    Electric or hybrid wagon please.

  • comment_comment_comment

    US diesel. No excuses. Make good on your promise from 2008.

  • spurious

    Please keep some smaller cars in the lineup! Not everyone wants a bigger car. Loved my 1998 and 2008 Foresters, but when I had to switch to an automatic last fall, I couldn’t stand the handling of the 2012 and ended up with an XV Crosstrek. Love the Crosstrek, but miss the carrying capacity of the Foresters.

  • Polka Bone

    A wash at best.

  • Bebo94

    Diesel or Range Extended Electric Vehicles (elective drive trains with internal combustion generators for power to supplement batteries like trains). I love my 2011 Outback but having driven more fuel efficient larger cars I know there’s more out there.

  • Bebo94

    Diesel or better, Range Extended Electric Vehicles (electric drive trains
    with internal combustion generators for power to supplement batteries
    like trains). I love my 2011 Outback but having driven vehicles with electric power trains I know that it’s the future… torque and efficiency all in one.

  • robruss64

    Diesel please!! I LOVE my Outback but am waiting pateintly for a diesel in the USA. Don’t make me tempted to leave Subaru but I will consider if there isn’t a diesel option.

  • Canonchet

    Agree: Diesel. And slightly downsizing and sleekening the Outback Wagon back to the 2008 or earlier dimensions would be nice. Current model is a mini-SUV. Beat BMW.

  • Xpert1

    Would love to see a diesel pickup.

  • snaps

    “Yoshinaga said that the automaker should continue “making cars only Subaru can make ” Subaru and Toyota you mean.

  • flatfourguy

    Yes, I would like to see an actual Subaru truck, but it would probably end up being a Tacoma with a flat four. Subarus aren’t really the old lovable quirky Subies they used to be.
    They are more like a mainstream Toyota, as far as styling, and are becoming too upscale.
    I’ll keep my ’01 Outback, and ’80 BRAT!

  • gggplaya

    Bring the Diesel over to the states, offer it in a small truck like the nissan frontier or tacoma size, and offer it in a true 7 passenger SUV. It’ll be a hit.

  • GenXcynic

    Just add the 6MT to Forester XT and I’ll consider it. Or even a real automatiic. Or bring back the Legacy GT wagon. Too much gap between the Import Tuner gang and the boring old fart gang right now!

  • El Diablo con Queso

    I want to be able to tow at least 3500 pounds comfortably. Diesel in the US please! I understand the US regulations are part of the issue but make it happen.

  • PMO Guy

    Diesel + AWD + Minivan space => I’ll buy one!!!

  • Bad-Air

    At least offer remote opening rear wing windows!!

  • Fred Heald

    The current Forester and the Outback are nearly indistinguishable, though they’re both great vehicles. They could upsize the Forester slightly to small SUV, put in the 6-cylinder engine as an option, bump up the towing capacity. (And add low range!)

  • Brad R

    Canada here. I know carmakers say small hatchbacks can be a challenge because they don’t work all that well in the US and Canada is a quite small market. Some of us do want a small, quality, fuel efficient car and will pay for it–I’m not talking a bare bones Hyundai here.
    Am on my third Subaru, a Forester, love it but going forward mileage needs to be better (diesel would be great!) or I will switch brands. Love the AWD, advantageous in Canadian winters, but fuel costs here are higher. And I like small. Something Justy sized but not the Justy lol

  • bobthepome

    The current Forester is already nearly too big – no increase in size please. If you need a bigger vehicle there is the Outback!

  • saj

    please change the front grill back to the original! thanks

  • Chris

    An AWD van.

  • Allen J Cavin

    I would say that fuel economy really needs to be increased. A total electric AWD would be great to see from Subaru as well. Great company, great product but really needs to increase the fuel economy.

  • Bob

    I concur with the wishes of a lot of other folks here . . . I would love to see a diesel Outback or Legacy. I would also like to see a Subaru version of the Toyota Venza or Ford Edge. The Outback and Forester aren’t bad, but I’d like to see a Subaru vehicle which is a little wider.

  • Joe

    Hi Allen, Better fuel economy of course is always appreciated, but for some people, its not so important. I for one care less about fuel economy, and more about a car that is safe, sporty and fun to drive.

  • Joe

    Subaru needs to bring the Forester Turbo Diesel to the U.S.

  • SubieDoo

    Yoshinaga is wise. Perhaps Subaru should figure out the head gasket issue before expanding their line.

  • spurious

    The current Forester is way too big, and handling has suffered. Please keep some small cars in the lineup.

  • bazza

    I am going to replace my ’02 Outback H6 with an AWD diesel vehicle. I would like it to be a Subaru diesel Outback. But despite thousands of requests by Americans, the diesel Outback is STILL not available in the USA. So here is yet anther request for the diesel Outback!

  • snogrrl

    I would buy a Forester diesel (or maybe even better yet a diesel -hybrid) in a heartbeat … Love my 04 Forester .. I live in Canada .. please bring it 🙂

    DIESEL >> DIESEL>> DIESEL!!!!!!!!

  • Yehat

    Interesting how everyone brags for diesel. I suppose you (in US) have realised all the best points about diesel engines, yet there are very little in your country. It seems also that you have forgot the negatives, or ones that somebody makes positive, but are not the full story – so do not regret very much.
    I personally will be sad to see Subaru continuing with diesel boxers to the point of making predominantly these. I tried several later generation Legacy and Foresters here with diesel boxers – let me tell you, it doesn’t feel Subaru, it doesn’t sound Subaru – all diesel models from 08 till now.
    Subaru will be wise to continue their own destiny by making gasoline boxers with and without turbo charger in smaller work volumes – 1.6 to 2.0 – while in the same time investing in development of electric drive train.
    I hope so 🙂

  • RJM

    There are millions of diesels in the U.S. but they are predominantly in heavy duty pickups and commercial vehicles. The idea behind using a small diesel is starting to finally catch on here. It may not be “subaru” sound or feel but for many owners here the issues with subaru include weak engines and low fuel economy. A diesel would address both of those issues.

  • RJM

    The fuel economy in most subarus is above average for their respective class. If you are comparing awd to fwd or part time awd then there is your problem.

  • RJM

    To me the big allure of owning a Subaru is that I can go out to it everyday and all the options on it still work. When you start complicating the systems something is going to give eventually. I know this feature has been available on VW for a while, I also know that not many people on any forum I have been on recommend keeping them for longer than the warranty period. The reason, electrical problems…I will take a system that is dated but works over a gimmick that will fail eventually.

  • 70s_man

    Subaru, don’t listen to sports car and large vehicle enthusiasts that will always push any carmaker into making expensive, fancy, powerful vehicles because for them its all about show and class. The large base of your fans are regular people more interested in function, safety, and efficiency, getting the job done of transporting themselves, their families, and their gear from place to place under a range of weather and road conditions.

  • subie owner

    Air conditioned seats please! You are killing us in the southwest.

  • Lesbaru Man

    Diesel versions in the US would be nice!

  • william lillie

    Had two Outbacks, 05 and 09. Now looking to the next one, and I’m meeting dozens of owners who hate the look and feel of the current, americanized, Outback. My wife can’t reach the pedals without bumping the steering wheel! Not to mention that the previous series was the only car in its class low enough to load kayaks on the roof conveniently – seems nobody cares about roof loads anymore. But I’m a Subaru guy: they work.

  • oclvframe

    How about bringing the Legacy wagon back?!?!?!?

  • neck

    The only complaint I have about my 2006 Forester is, I wish It could tow at least 2500lbs.

  • seniorchief

    I have a 2014 Forester Limited, I just returned to NC after a trip to Florida.

    I was very please with my mileage, 2000 RPM on CC resulted in 70 MPH and 33 mpg. We are averaging 27 mpg around town.

  • Ron

    Wasn’t the Head Gasket Issue done with by 2005?

  • Fred Heald

    I’d like a bigger Subaru vehicle. Doesn’t need to be a Forester (though that makes sense to me).

    I’d also like “hose-out” interior, and a low-range gearbox.

    My previous vehicles were Land Rover Discoveries. I don’t need anything that big, but I’m missing some utility.

  • Kenny-san

    Swap in a H6 from a Outback or Tribeca. The rear frame and cross member are pretty stout on your model year and with that engine and a proper hitch you should be right around that number if not more, Tribeca was rated at 3500lbs.