Tesla Model S Gaining Wi-Fi, Tethering, Paid Data Plans

Tesla Model S Gaining Wi-Fi, Tethering, Paid Data Plans

Model S owners will soon have access to improved connectivity features lending greater flexibility to their cars.

Tesla’s Mode S electric luxury sedan currently connects to the Internet via 3G like most Smartphones. The data each car uses is currently paid for by the company, but that won’t be true for too much longer according to a company representative familiar with the matter. Instead, owners will probably be allowed to choose the size of data plan for their car according to what they use and prefer to spend. But that isn’t all.

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The cars will also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing passengers to tap into the connection. Perhaps most importantly, the same source said that the Model S will also soon be able to use an enabled Smartphone as a tethering device, meaning owners won’t be forced to pay for two monthly data subscriptions.

It isn’t clear when the updates will arrive, but the Model S probably already carries the hardware required, which would mean an over-the-air update would be able to unlock the features.

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