Tesla Model S is the Safest Car… Ever

Tesla Model S is the Safest Car… Ever

The Tesla Model S is stacking accolades like pancakes, and its newest one is setting the new NHTSA vehicle safety score record.

According to the electric American automaker, the Model S achieved a new combined record of 5.4 stars in NHTSA’s overall Vehicle Safety Scores (VSS). Though NHTSA doesn’t publish a star rating above five, it does capture safety levels better than five in the overall VSS.

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That means the Tesla Model S has the least likelihood of injury to its occupants than any other vehicle that has been tested and approved for sale in the U.S. And since Tesla doesn’t shy away from making bold claims, the American automaker also explained that it analyzed its sedan to determine the weakest points on the car and had those specifically retested until the car achieved five stars no matter how the test equipment was configured.

It also threw in a dig at all the other electric automakers out there, saying the Model S lithium-ion battery has never caught fire during testing and that no production Tesla battery has ever caught file – in the Roadster or the Model S. Tesla also announced that it’s unaware of any Model S or Roadster occupant fatalities in any car ever.

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  • Honest Abe

    It’s also an over-hyped pipe-dream.

  • Dominic Brissette

    Overhyped pipe-dream? First it’s not a dream it’s a reality, it’s a competitor for BMW 7-series, Audi S7, M-B S class but doesn’t share the oil, gas and all the mechanical maintenance, you can recharge it for free using clean & renewable Tesla superchargers, the P85 version can beat a 2013 M5 on the quarter mile, it’s the safest car ever tested… It can hardly be OVER-hyped. Maybe you’re just mad that an EV is actually better than a conventional-engine car