Tesla Outsells 10 Major Automakers in California

Tesla Outsells 10 Major Automakers in California

Just how popular is the Tesla Model S in California? The American automaker outsold 10 major automakers in the state during the month of June.

According to the California  sales figures for June, Tesla sold 1,097 vehicles in June 2013 in the state of California bringing its year-to-date total to 4,714. Its current market share in California is 0.6 percent. The Model S accounts for 12 percent of the luxury sports car segment in California, topping the Audi A6 and the Lexus GS.

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But what puts those sales numbers into perspective is the fact that Tesla outsold several major automakers in the month of June in California.

Buick sold 716 vehicles while Cadillac moved 904. Chrysler saw a drastic drop in its California sales, seeing only 737 vehicles leave dealership lots, while Fiat wasn’t much better with just 659. Luxury brands Jaguar (198 vehicles sold) and Land Rover (559 vehicles sold) are also on the list of automakers Tesla bested in June. Lincoln (445), Mitsubishi (562), Porsche (806), and Volvo (508) round off the list.

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