Top 10 Corvettes of All Time

Top 10 Corvettes of All Time

3. 2009 C6 Corvette ZR-1

After the C5 Z06 took everyone’s breath away, Chevrolet made yet another high-performance Corvette, which practically offered a race-car for the street.

Using a supercharged motor, the C6 ZR-1 puts out 638 hp, the most of any production Vette. With that much power, the ZR-1 can trump almost anything. Finally customers who wanted to the awesome styling of a Corvette along with the performance of a supercar, could get it all in one awesome package.

However, like  other high-performance Corvettes, power isn’t the only story to be told here. This Corvette has a very high-tech suspension set-up, which adjusts the shocks in real time, to deliver either a razor sharp ride, or a softer, more accommodating ride. While it wasn’t the first Corvette to get this new suspension, it was a key part of the car’s impressive handling characteristic. According to some tests, it’s possible to get 1.10 g of average lateral acceleration out of the ZR-1. The magnetic ride control also had a function that helped with standing starts, which made the ZR-1 a drag-strip superstar.

While traditionally Corvettes are lighter than usual vehicles thanks to the use of fiberglass and aluminum, the ZR-1 gets on a very strict diet thanks to the use of carbon fiber. Overall, the ZR-1 posts some serious super-car specs hitting 60 mph in a little over three seconds and lapping the Nurburgring race track in 7:26.4, a time quicker than many rival Japanese and Italian supercars.

  • Mike

    #8 is a 1989 and not 1969 I think you meant to say.

  • Mike

    #7 is also wrong.

  • Mike

    Never mind, everything’s just lined up wrong.

  • Tyler Kenny

    Great list, nice to see it end on the original C1. My favorite is the 1969 and the 2014 Rays. Beautiful machines, with the power to excite.

  • ColumWood

    We’ve fixed it Mike. It should make significantly more sense now.

  • Alfie

    I know it wasn’t first, but the C6 Z06 is a SPECTACULAR machine and deserves to be on the list.

  • Chase

    Agreed. I was hoping for some FRC love too. Specifically in Nassau Blue Met.

  • Dave

    I’ve had several corvys here in the UK, all models are very much admired, and shock some other exotics, if only they had made them right hand drive how many more could they have sold. uk, australia, japan and so on,They are now to wide for the narrow uk roads.

  • Shane B

    This list is missing the Cadillac XLR, which was a more luxurious, and better looking Corvette. Such a shame they killed it off.

  • Bad

    How can you have missed the year that make most of these years possible? 1956 saved the corvette from being just a flash in the pan.

  • WTFwereyathinking

    Left out the most awe inspiring corvette of them all. The 1963 Grand Sports. How can you have a list of the top 10 corvettes of all time and leave out the Grand Sport?

  • Corvette Lover61

    how do you leave out the corvette zo6 which is the number 7 in the top 10 american supercars