Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Diesel Car

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Diesel Car

5. Proven reliability

Diesel powered vehicles have been around for a long time, as both commercial vehicles and in the past ten years, even race cars. They’ve seen a ton of miles, and the long-term reliability and durability of a diesel engine is no concern (though arguably the same can’t be said of the entire car).

Compare that to endless questions of battery longevity in hybrids, not to mention the costs associated with maintaining or replacing hybrid components and a diesel powered vehicle offers plenty of built-in peace of mind.

While Toyota’s Prius is known to be a reliable system, other hybrid systems are still in their infancy and have been reported with some problems. Consumer Reports had nothing nice to say about the reliability and performance of the Honda Civic Hybrid, for example.

  • Transpower

    So, just combine a Diesel engine with hybrid batteries and get even more efficiency….

  • Yoda

    Weight issues…diesels are significantly heavier tan the Atkinson gas powerplant

  • rockstar

    diesels are good but japanese diesels are better and more cleaner runing you guys forgot that !!!

  • Herman

    Just bought a VW Jetta TDI last month. (Bought the TOP of the line version for under $30K) Drove it from the middle of Illinois to the gulf coast of Florida on 1 1/4 tanks of fuel…cost to fill up my new ride was only $53 and I got a range of 600+ miles per tank. All while driving 70mph.

    Would also like to mention that a Jetta is NOT a compact car….it is the same size (if not bigger) than my inlaws Toyota Camry.

    Haven’t met a single person who has ridden in, or drove, my car that wasn’t impressed with its performance and handling.

    FYI, something the author doesn’t state is that, if properly maintained, a diesel will easily pass 250K on the odometer without issue.

    Why get a hybrid when you can get a diesel?!?!

  • Ron Ungerer

    And yet… Vehicles that CRY for a diesel have been left waiting… waiting… teased – then again waiting… The softer side Jeep models have gotten diesels several times for a couple of years – then the oil burners were no more!! Sold out of dealerships that sell and service hundreds of Cummins diesels in Rams & Mercedes in Sprinters – only to be clueless about service for the Mercedes and VM diesels in the Jeeps!!! The Jeep Wranglers which could really use the eco boost of a diesel – waiting, waiting!!! Oh, well, teased about 2016… AGAIN???