Toyota FJ Cruiser Axed After 2014 Model Year

Toyota FJ Cruiser Axed After 2014 Model Year

According to Toyota’s fleet site, the 2014 FJ Cruiser will be discontinued after the 2014 model year.

Last orders for the Toyota FJ Cruiser will be due in June 2014 for the FJ Cruiser, which originally debuted in 2006 as a 2007 model. The first couple of years, the FJ Cruiser enjoyed great sales in North America, with over 100,000 units moved between U.S. and Canada.

It took a sharp decline from there in 2008, with 28,688 units sold in the U.S. and 2,630 in Canada. Things haven’t looked much better since for the FJ Cruiser, last year the Japanese automaker moved 13,656 units in the U.S. and 726 units in Canada.

AutoGuide reached out to Toyota to confirm that the FJ Cruiser would be discontinued for retail sales, but the automaker declined to comment on future products.

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  • lajo

    I’m sure the FJ is a well-designed and well-built off-roader, but as an owner of the venerable Land Cruiser (from the 60s), my feeling was: too big, too heavy, too thirsty, and maybe too NICE. When I see first-rate restorations of those earlier, simpler Cruisers, I wonder if Toyota shouldn’t be making a better “Rubicon” for today’s users. Google “Icon and Land Cruiser” and see what you’re missing. In any event, I expect the wizards at Toyota have something in the works. Let’s wait and see.

  • smartacus

    yet iQ lives on?


    Agree with you, Lajo. The FJ Cruiser styling is too funky and too caustrophobic (See “C” Pillar). Those turned me off from wanting to buy the FJCuriser. A return to FJ40 classic styling would be most welcome (kind of like the “icon” style).

  • Maureen Shields Jacobs

    I love mine and am very happy with her.


    Minus the blind spots, its a great vehicle. feels solid and quiet unlike a few other makes. Decent Horsepower and mileage…. I am glad I got mine when I did, I believe these will be coveted classics one day. In the same way a Pre 1984 Cherokee 2dr is a classic, or 2dr Bronco, or K5 with a removable hardtop…

  • Mark Gold

    Anyone else notice that for the past year or so the FJ has only been available in one base trim line, three colors and the only option being drive and transmission choices. Any additional add-ons are a handful of accessories. No wonder sales are in the toilet. Hmmm… my color choices are black, blue and sand, and it only comes with black steelies. Thanks Toyota.

  • Steven Sheffield

    They had some opportunities to make some cool refinements to this vehicle which would have made it more appealing – e.g., soft top. It’s a shame it’s going be discontinued. That being said, they were pretty fugly out of the box. The only cools ones I’ve seen have been heavy modified for trail use.

  • franciscoprk

    Too bad. The beauty of the FJ is that is has all the bones of an excellent 4×4 vehicle plus the availability of affordable, easy to install, aftermarket modifications that turn them into off-road beasts, recovery vehicles and decent expedition vehicles that can also be your daily driver. Well, hope that brings the value up on mine.

  • Tony Anz

    The FJ…a first in a series of firsts for me. First Japanese vehicle where the style moved me. First Japanese vehicle I ever owned, and thus first Toyota. First lease that I ever had where the truck was acually worth more…significantly more…than the buyout figure. First vehicle I ever bought at the end of my lease. First vehicle that my wife and I love so much that we decided to keep her forever. I kinda get-it as to why Toyota would call it quits. They aim to sell as many units as possible. FJs are a niche vehicle that will always only appeal to a small cross section of folks. I’ll be keeping mine, thank you Toyota. Shame you have to kill it.

  • kderentz

    Too bad it won’t happen. Even Jeep is rumored to change the look of the wrangler due to the need for better aero dynamics to help with the need for increasing milage standards

  • Tony Anz

    I should add that at 52, I’ve owned just about every non-Japanese 4-wheeler ever made. Depandabilty-wise….nothing comes close to the FJ.

  • kderentz

    I had 2011 FJ and loved it but as life caught up to me I wanted 4 doors and jumped the Toyota ship for a 4 door Rubicon Wrangler. If Toyota would actually listen to their customers and offer desired options like Jeep does they would actually be able to steal some of the wrangler sales away

  • Randy

    Too bad but it is a speciality vehicle glad I have mine and will be keeping it. I looked at the Wranglers but until FIAT gets serious and stops putting in Caravan engines in them I will never even consider another Wrangler. I left Jeeps after they dropped the 4 litre. Oh well at least my vehicle is rock solid and I go where I want and I can tow 500 lbs like a true SUV unlike others.

  • Randy

    Meant 5000 lbs not 500.

  • Daren

    Not sure if you saw this, but they put a Turbo Diesel in the Grand Cherokee, it’s only a matter of time before they wise up and put one in the Wrangler.. This is what would have saved the FJ, but toyota is too full of dummies or something.

  • Daren

    Maybe you should learn how to work their website.. It’s offered in different trim lines, different options are available and you can get different wheels on them. The only true thing you mentioned was the lack for color choices, and even those you got wrong…

  • Daren

    C-pillar never hindered my driving abilities.. I suppose just being a better driver makes this a better choice for me..

  • MadAsHell

    I put off getting one until this year, I’m glad I got mine and won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

  • The_Sports_Dude

    Am I selfish for welcoming the news that my FJC will now become more valuable now that it’s being discontinued?

  • Mark Gold

    Actually, we’re both wrong. If you order it with a proper 6-speed manual then you only get 3 colors and no packages. Slushbox automatics get more choices. Seems like Toyota is punishing consumers for choosing to shift for themselves.

  • VaLady

    I am a 62 yr old female 🙂 and i drive the limited 2010 Trail Team edition, a sand color with black hood accent. I will definately be keeping this vehicle! I love it!

  • Matt

    This story is not up to date. The note about the FJ discontinuation on the Toyota Fleet Sales website was posted in May. The note has been removed from the website as of August. It now lists 2014 FJ availability dates and says nothing about it being discontinued.

  • Steven Hoefgen

    I purchased a ’13 FJC TT this last May and so far I have not had any problems. There are a lot of people who mention fuel mileage quite a bit. I’ve done a few tweaks and I am averaging anywhere between 20-22 highway driving and 17-19 in the city.

    Anyways, I heard about this potential discontinuation of the FJC since I bought mine. I’ve asked Toyota dealers including one just last week when I had mine serviced about this and none of them had heard a thing.

    At first it was thought this discontinuation had to do with the “Fleet Division”. I’m not certain this is still the case or if this is a complete discontinuation.

  • jbg

    The fj is a beast.simple as that. It’ll last twice as long as any Heep and is bar none legit off road plain stock which not many others can say, maybe some lr’s and the true Hummer and g wagons. I have an 08 and its not going anywhere, except on down the the road 😉

  • Daren

    I will agree with Toyota punishing we who want Manuals. My MPG suffers because I refuse to buy a crapomatic.. They force you into a full time 4wd unit with a very low geared trans, bringing MPG numbers down from 22MPG to 17MPG.. Thanks Toyota..

    Again, they should have used a Diesel.

  • gideonl82

    Finally got mine in December, 2012 6speeed with the TT package no problems at all and it gets around 24mpg not bad for a 4×4 We drive this thing everywhere and have no complaints. Hate to see Toyota drop the FJ.

  • Mark Gold

    Toyota is so invested in hybrids that it’s unlikely they would ever offer the FJ (which is being discontinued next year) or any of their other cars or trucks with an oil burner option, at least here in the US. A shame really because diesels offer increased fuel economy and stump pulling torque. Of course the rest of the planet gets a diesel option in their Toyota trucks.

  • Justin Sipe

    Even though we had to trade in our 2008 FJ ( fuel was just too expensive) I’ll always have fond memories. Yes don’t laugh we went 2012 Prius.

  • Sparklemahn

    My feelings exactly. Main reason I got mine was the manual tranny option. Not sure what I will do for my next vehicle given I need a manual tranny on a big vehicle.

  • Sparklemahn

    I’ve got the white, manual FJ with no roof rack, and I love it. Definitely less drag without that roof rack. And I am with you on the auto tranny deal: crapomatics suck!

  • Sparklemahn

    I heard there are shops in California that turn your FJ into a convertible. That sounds great!

  • Sparklemahn

    Totally agree.

  • Mike Oxbig

    Have 160,000 miles on my 2008, original brakes still stopping us great, gets 20 -22 MPG.
    Would love to buy a newer one, but finances say otherwise.

  • PeteEf

    Hey guys. I am in Australia and we cant get enough of the FJ Cruiser. Its one of Australia`s best selling 4x4s and is a bloody good tow car for off road camper trailers and caravans.. Was slow to start off with , but demand has outgrown supply.

  • Chris

    More than 130000 miles on my 2007 FJ and I enjoy all of them

  • Daren

    There’s simply no way (unless you’re using Imperial MPG) that you get 24MPG with a 6spd Manual FJ.. It’s simply not possible.. I should know, as I’ve tried every driving style and RPM range under the sun and even at 50mph in 6th the truck cannot get 24MPG.

  • Daren

    That’s how I feel.. I hope it gets discontinued .. I wish it was discontinued 2 years ago actually.. This would have seriously increased our resale. The only thing that would have been better is if it got discontinued and 90% of them were totaled (but all drivers were perfectly safe)..

  • Daren

    My issue with the getting rid of the roof rack is I have 4 kids. With the littleseats rear seat going in one day soon this leaves almost NO cargo space. So, things go on the roof.. I’d put one of those back carriers, but that’s where the 5 slot bike rack goes.. (now I have to upgrade to a 6 slot)..

  • ducsan

    Darin – The best I can get is 18MPG no matter how conservative I drive. Frankly I just don’t pay attention anymore and just drive.

  • Orion Antares

    Tacomas should still offer manuals.

  • John

    I own 2007 and love it, it replaced my 96 4unner which replaced my 72 FJ40. The FJ Cruiser out classes, out drives and out wheels the jeep all day long.

  • mstx

    love my o8 fj looks great hauling my boat up them steep boat ramps never get stuck ,who cares what the fuel mi. is when you look good at the lake

  • MarciaLittleBeltsMontana

    I purchased a 2008 FJ (manual transmission, tow pkg., roof rack) last summer. It was just what I was looking for with my top priority being clearance. I live at 6025′ in central Montana, so need to be able to get in and out of my home when there is substantial snow and now plowing services on the forest service roads. The FJ became the SUV I require in order to remain a one-vehicle/one-person unit. With the loss of the FJ line are we being forced into purchasing a full-sized pick-up with decreased gas mileage in order to remain in our homes? I hope not, even though I expect to be able to keep this FJ for the remainder of my life. ‘City’ SUVs are great little station wagons, but just not for mountain living: not all Americans live in cities or even on paved, maintained roads. I truly hope this line does not disappear.

  • Frank Ober

    Wow this is actually cool, a discontinuation means the resale will only get higher. There will always be some tough , off road oriented vehicles on the road, Jeep is after all the original, and still committed to such vehicle types. I guess the only jeep-like vehicles now are Nissan xTerra and the Jeep Wrangler. I think Toyota from the start considered this a retro vehicle that would have a limited production run, unlike a Corolla. Toyota sold a lot of FJ’s over 200,000 (in 8 years) I believe which is a great sales record. Pretty amazing considering the model is very unique, struggles to get 20 MPG in most driving conditions, and market choices are always evolving and gasoline prices have been shunted to over $3 now for almost 10 years. The US and Canada continue to urbanize more heavily all the time from a demographic (daily needs) sense, that and pricey oil will see a shrinkage of the specialty high line (high clearance) 4×4 type of vehicle. It’s what some people call progress…:) And it doesn’t mean you can’t find one, we just need to make these “last”.

  • gideonl82

    Don’t panic Daren read my post I said “around” 24mpg keeping the truck below 2000 rpm at the shift points and I think it’s more around 21 and a 1/2 miles to be dead on please excuse the 3&1/2 miles as I tried to do a quick calculation in my head at the time. When I filled the truck and reset the od to zero I put 315 miles on it pulled into the gas the station to fuel up and the pump stopped at 14 and 1/2 gallons so by me saying around 24mpg I just figured maybe if I tried changing my driving style a little more I could squeeze that extra 2 to 3 miles out of it. And it still has the original street tires and wheels on it as well no giant mud grabbers yet as i’m sure that will not help the mpg when I add those later on. The truck only gets driven on the weekends and sits in the garage during the week so I have had it for 9 months and it doesn’t even have 5000 miles on it yet.

  • HoiPolloiBoy

    We didn’t buy ours for fuel economy, we bought a Prius for that. Luv the FJ for towing our trailer to the Death Valley area where we let her rip and let her do what we bought her for.

  • equine19

    Hello 🙂 teamFJCriusers! I am also a female at almost 61…..and yes l love my 6speed manual ,it took me years to achieve this status not giving it up anytime soon! OK so the mpg sucks but the FJ more then makes up for this by giving us an awesome ride!!!!(and its so handsome).I hope that Toyota realizes there is a fan base here.And not to rock the boat on this one……

  • Peter

    A V6 turbo charged 4 liter diesel engine, plus 4 full door would surely increase the sales of this beast.

  • norssman

    Purchased my 2010 FJ w/TRD short throw shifter 6-spd and I fell in love. Only 33k miles and I use as my daily driver. Very sad to see this discontinued. My only hope is they develop a similar FJ model for the future. I understand the 4Runner is based on the same Prado chassis (but not the Tacoma, as it is often misunderstood), but it will never be the same. Here’s to a lifetime left with my FJ…

  • Yeppoonboy from OZ

    You are luckly in the USA to get the choose to get manual gearbox.Here in AUS[Oz] we get the auto only.A shame Toyota will not import the manual here as i would buy one tomorrow.

  • Inkognito Jones

    Ugh, such SAD news :^( .
    The big question now is, what will the Hummer and Pathfinder crowds do to recover their rigs?

  • FCS

    Resale value only comes into the picture if you want to sell. Why would you?

  • HoiPolloiBoy

    I dunno, I have had both manny and auto trannies in my off roaders and I really prefer the auto on off road although I do think Toyota should make the 2nd gear lower (on auto tranny) for steep paved downgrades.


    I am a 67 year old female and I just love my 08 TT in white. knew I had to have it when they came out but couldn’t swing it until 2008. I’m never giving this one up and my son wants it when I am no longer driving. He has a 78 cruiser all set up for rocks here in Arizona.

  • Canoer

    Toyota discontinuing the FJ has been a rumour since I purchased mine in September 2006. I had one of the first offerred in Canada and was surprised to hear that it might be the only year it was offerred. Then they built the 08’s with the same rumour and again in 09, 10 11, 12 and 13. I’m beginning to think it might be a selling ploy to get the fence sitters off the fence and into the Toyota dealers to get an FJ, before they’re not available anymore. In any case, I have my FJ and plan to keep it until I die, which hopefully won’t be for a very long time. Happy driving folks.

  • babsanthony

    You’re right, Daren. Do not understand why Toyota did not produce an FJ Cruiser with a diesel engine.

  • babsanthony

    A V6 turbocharged diesel engine like that in the Dodge Ram trucks.

  • Blind Willy

    I’ve been planning on getting an FJ recently. I’m going from a pick up guy to an FJ old guy, lol.

  • Blind Willy

    I’m planning on getting one that will be my daily driver too. I still want to modify it a bit (Wheels, tires, armor) and take it off road.

  • Blind Willy

    I’m a 49 yr old male and I’m planning on buying an FJ early next year (If not by the end of this year) I plan on driving it till I keel over. From what I hear, they will last that long.

  • Blind Willy

    I agree and haven’t bought mine yet. I decided to get an off-roader to take the grandkids camping, etc.
    I started looking at the jeeps and the wife said, “why not the fj”?
    I’ve always been a ford pickup guy, but once I read reviews and test drove the FJ, I’ve gotten obsessed with it.
    Getting mine in Dec or Jan.

  • bowman

    Bought my 2011 FJ (Automatic) with 800 miles on it – it was a dealer demo model. Now I have 26000 miles on it and loved everything about it except the rock that chipped my windshield. I didn’t buy it for mpg efficiency, however I can’t help but notice I’ve been getting better mpg as the miles have increased (no real differences in driving style/conditions). It used to get 17-18mpg consistently, now its 21-22mpg consistently, again very similar driving style/conditions. Anyone have an explanation or similar experience?


    I had a 2009 FJ and kept it for 3 years and loved it. I traded it in for Ford eccoboost
    (better mileage and more Hp) mainly to tow my 30 ft camper that I live in for about 5 months of the year. I am a pro fly fishing guide and I need to tow a drift boat everyday and a camper when I switch locations.
    The FJ was really missed moving the boat from put in to take out. We don’t have ramps for the most part and the maneuverability of the Ford pickup is not good at all in tight spots, but the FJ can’t pull the camper. The Ford 4wd, with 390hp and 420lbs of torque handles the camper with ease. The Ford also believe it or not gets better gas mileage.
    Long story short I had to go buy another FJ because I could not get my boat in and out of some of my favorite spots safely with the pickup. Both of my FJ’s were purchased with the off road options. Including the heavy duty rock rails (a must for me). The FJ Cruiser is a serious off road machine and could be a real bruiser with additional modifications.

  • Mitch

    The wrangler has a turbo diesel in Australia. Comes out factory has done for a couple years now.

  • Mentallect

    FJ designed like the 1970s FJ40s with a diesel would sell out the house.