Volvo V40 May be Headed to America After All

Volvo V40 May be Headed to America After All

Think the Volvo V40 belongs in the U.S. market? Tassos Panas, the head of marketing and product development at Volvo Cars of North America, agrees with you.

Volvo U.S. execs are pushing the Swedish automaker to bring the V40 to America, but the five-door hatch isn’t homologated for the U.S. But that won’t be stopping Panas from trying to make it happen.

For over a year, Volvo U.S. and its dealers worked on persuading executives at Volvo to bring the V60 station wagon to America. That ended up working, as the V60 will debut early next year for the U.S.

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In Europe, the V40 replaces the V50 station wagon and the S40 sedan. The stylish hatchback is available with a range of six engines: three gasoline, three diesel. It currently uses a platform from Ford, but the next-generation model will use a modular compact platform that’s being jointly developed with Volvo’s new owners, Geely. The next-generation V40 isn’t due for another four to five years.

GALLERY: 2013 Volvo V40


GALLERY: 2013 Volvo V40


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