Watch Fernando Alonso Drive Lap the LaFerrari at Fiorano

Watch Fernando Alonso Drive Lap the LaFerrari at Fiorano

Prior to heading to the Hungarian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso strapped into Ferrari‘s latest and greatest creation, the LaFerrari.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a video of Alonso behind the wheel of the LaFerrari, who is a two-time world champion F1 driver and current driver for Scuderia Ferrari.

This clip does, however, show Alonso putting the LaFerrari to the test on Ferrari’s own Fiorano test track while giving feedback to the engineers developing the supercar.

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Recent reports have Ferrari still fine-tuning the final specifications of the LaFerrari in order to better compete with the McLaren P1. So it’s no surprise that the Italian automaker is putting its talented driving behind the wheel for some real-world feedback on how to make it a true track warrior for the road.

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