Wireless Phone Charging Coming to 2014 GM Vehicles

Wireless Phone Charging Coming to 2014 GM Vehicles

Wireless mobile device charging might seem like a fad, but some of the world’s largest auto makers don’t see it that way.

GM will begin integrating a cordless charging system from Powermat Technologies in some of its vehicles next year, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Only phones compatible with the technology or outfitted with a retrofitting case will be able to take advantage of the system. General Motors is an investor in Powermat and will be the first auto manufacturer to build the technology into its models.

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But it won’t be the first time drivers will have access to that sort of capability in a car. For example, Chrysler offers drivers wireless phone charging in the Dart, and Toyota in the Avalon although implementation isn’t widespread in either case.

Relatively few people use wireless charging today, but the number of wireless charging units shipped annually is forecasted by IHS to grow from 5 million units this year to 100 million in 2015.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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