Young People ‘Too Busy’ to get Driver’s License: Study

Young People ‘Too Busy’ to get Driver’s License: Study

Generation Y has been a huge pain in the neck for most automakers since youth don’t seem to be interested, or simply can’t afford to buy a new vehicle, and a new study hints at why young people aren’t interested in driving.

The study, which surveyed 618 people in three distinct age groups under the age of 40 who didn’t have their driver’s licenses found that the majority of respondents couldn’t be bothered to get their license, because they claimed that they were too busy or didn’t have enough time to get one.

That answer accounted for about 37 percent of responses, while 32 percent of respondents believe that owning and maintaining a vehicle is too expensive. One more popular reason for not getting a license was the ability to source a ride from someone else, like a parent, spouse or friend. Finally, other responses including the ability to rely on public transportation and the preference to walk or bike point to the fact that younger people are living in more urbanized environments.

According to the study, factors like environmental awareness and telecommuting were practically a non-factor in deciding to not get a drivers license.

While automakers continue to market smaller and cheaper vehicles like the Chevrolet Spark and Nissan Versa Note to young buyers, the biggest hurdle is encouraging young adults to find some time and get a driving license first.

[Source: UMTRI]

  • makeacardeal

    Take all the factors here, driving with an adult over 18 for so many hours, the cost to get a license, insurance, cost to drive a car, fuel, maintenance all factor in to not buying any vehicle let alone a new vehicle. Why would a student who in many places can use public transit for free spend all this money? How could they? Adding to this is the fact that finding a job to be able to afford a vehicle after college or high school is not easy. People are living at home longer and coming back after college, why have the added expense if you can get around another way? Cars, both new and used are extremely overpriced. Cheaper, smaller, less optioned cars will not entice young drivers, they want it all and will only get it when they decide they want to spend the money which is extremely wise in our economy today

  • Mander Twothousandtwo

    The baby boomer generation and earlier are spoiled in having it easy to get a driver license – no GDL , no tricky knowledge tests, just pass 1 basic test and you are good to go. The DMVs are making it much harder to get a driver license than 30 years ago. Although I somewhat sympathasize – too much traffic jam and parked cars crowding up streets in big city, air pollution, accidents caused by outrageous or drunk older people….etc. I suspect we will have to wait until a good chunk of the older generations die off, along with their cars, before they scale back the tests to more reasonable and passable levels, and have better road conditions for the future generations to drive on.
    Then again, maybe it’s better if cars become obsolete – and rely on jetpacks, hoverbikes,…. etc. who knows what the future holds.
    Let the DMVs / officials who impose these increased difficulty screw themselves out of a job, haha.