1,000-HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe Headed for SEMA

1,000-HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe Headed for SEMA

Hyundai and Bisimoto are partnering up yet again for this year’s SEMA Show, bringing a 1,000-hp Hyundai Genesis Coupe to Las Vegas.

Taking the factory 3.8-liter, V6 engine, the masterminds at Bisimoto reinforced the bottom end with new steel connecting rods, Arias-forged pistons, and Golden Eagle sleeves. The head got treatment from Portflow while a new valvetrain came from Supertech.

With the fully-built long block back in the car, Bisimoto went to installing a pair of Bisimoto/Turbonetics BTX6462 turbochargers. Additional fuel to keep the motor healthy comes from a Magnafuel 750 fuel pump and Bisimoto injectors.

The massive front mount intercooler is from Spearco while factory cooling has been further upgraded through a Griffin radiator. Tuning the Genesis Coupe safely to the 1,000-hp mark is an AEM Infinity EMS. Inside, the Genesis is ready to take on any quarter-mile track with a full Bisimoto roll cage. It will be sitting on the show floor on 20-inch Incurve wheels paired with Toyo R888 tires.

GALLERY: 2013 SEMA Bisimoto Hyundai Genesis


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  • Incurve Wheels

    We are absolutely honored to be a part of this incredible build! Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Atticus

    I like the oil cooler up front much more than the stock grill. But, I’d be curious to know what was done with the hood vents.