Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Scion xB

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Scion xB

A Cheap Box, and Not Much Else

When the Scion xB was first introduced in 2003, it was a funky looking little square box aimed at youths involved in the tuner car scene. However, like many vehicles of this era targeted at younger buyers, it never really caught on. Blame the lack of power, blame the quirky looks, blame an unknown brand, but the xB look was destined to disappear into the automotive hall of shame with Edsel, the Aztek and the Vehicross.

But a group was buying the xB and a lot of them. Pensioners and Boomers began flocking to these little hatchbacks for the cheap price, low operating costs, ease of use and cargo carrying practicality.  So when the xB was redesigned in 2008, it came as no surprise it was built more for its actual customer base. The xB rounded out into a more conventional shape and grew in size to accommodate adult passengers, front and rear, more comfortably. But that is six years ago now and not much has changed. Is the xB still a competitive oversized hatchback? Or has its day come and gone?

  • Danny Tse

    Still better looking than the latest Lambo. What an insult to my eyes.