2014 BMW i8 Officially Revealed, Priced from $135,925

2014 BMW i8 Officially Revealed, Priced from $135,925

Promising a “new era of sustainable performance” BMW has revealed its long awaited i8 plug-in hybrid sports car today at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

After scores of chances to see the concept, spy photos and a slow trickle of information, the production car has finally been uncovered. Power comes from a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged 231-hp engine and is directed to the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. Even more output heads to the front wheels courtesy of a 131-hp electric motor through a two-stage automatic transmission for a combined total output of 362 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

In a world where turbocharged four-cylinder engines are making as much as 355 hp – CLA45 AMG, we’re looking at you – that sort of power might seem a little less than impressive. But BMW is playing the power-to-weight game by using a host of lightweight materials including a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

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The i8 will run from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.4 seconds. Again, that isn’t exactly warp speed compared to modern supercars, but once again BMW has an answer.

“What is handling,” the response might be if this were a segment on Jeopardy. It isn’t, but being able to keep speed in corners is still just as valuable, and the i8 will probably prove to be more than capable of doing exactly that. For example, weight distribution is even between the front and rear. The windows are made of the same Gorilla Glass found on an iPhone, and even some of the car’s wiring is made of aluminum in the name of weight savings.

At just under 3,300 lbs, its still a bit heftier than a Porsche 911, but in Sport mode, the car accesses its powertrian’s full output.

There’s also the added fuel economy advantage, with this green machine getting a claimed 94 MPG on the European Test Cycle (US EPA estimates will be less generous). Either way, BMW promises 22 miles of emissions free travel and a total range of 310 miles.

Charging the car’s batteries will take roughly four hours from a conventional household outlet, while a quick charger will drop that time to a more reasonable 1.5 hours.

Pricing for the new i8 is set at $135,925 making it the second most expensive BMW money can buy. And after a long wait, you will be able to buy it soon, with the car set to hit dealers in the Spring of 2014.

If BMW’s obsessive attention to materials has anything to say, the i8 should stack up to be quite a performer.

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GALLERY: 2014 BMW i8 Live from Frankfurt


GALLERY: 2014 BMW i8


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  • Transpower

    The price is off by a factor of 2….

  • Alfie

    Love it! What a stunning look and I bet it drives even better.


    I’m tired of the new BMW underperformance vehicles….make a car that can drop to a three cylinder, but back up to a 650hp monster. Christ I couldnt even hear the new M5 over the rumble of my E60 M5. I also doubt it will drive great, as BMW’s new electric steering is soft and not what is expected with a Bimmer….if Porsche can make a great handling electrical steering system, well BMW bloody well should too.

    Soft handling cars, M cars that rank low, a M5 with a recorded sound of an exhaust……what is happening to BMW????? I’m starting to think its time to buy a new brand! Ive owned BMW’s for tweenty years, my father before me too…I also sold them for 6 years, only cars Ive ever truly LOVED(started with the 2002 in the 1970’s) …..it seems BMW is making cars that are stunning to look at, but not as fun to drive.

  • mattlutze

    Sorry to go off-topic here for a sec, but, really, really bugged by auto-starting movies on pages. Hard to check out an article at work when all the sound effects suddenly kick in. Not cool AutoGuide.

    Back though, the car looks great, though the fake cutout on the side is a bit interesting.

  • Leader1776

    What happens when, as with the Tesla, it sells at levels only that of a novelty ? Not a particularly good looking car. Saw in person at the NAIAS in January. Actually looks better in pictures as they hide the weird lines. Finally, this all comes about under false pretenses. As with so many other passing, useless fads let’s hope little capital is wasted on this silly exercise.

  • Robby G

    Your ignorance is astounding. This is the future of the car. High technology hybrids will move down-market in a few years. And Tesla is selling quite well…. like the Prius did when it came out. Now they’re everywhere.

  • Trent

    Can I have mine with the M5/M6 engine please…

  • Leader1776

    Oh my, I have certainly been put in my place, haven’t I!? And the response, so cogent, fact filled, with depth of understanding beyond belief. Yes, I can’t find parking spots for my M5 as they are all taken Teslas, Fiskars, and rapidly aging Prius’. Our house is in a constant state of ‘brown-out’ because of all the Leafs and Volts plugged in throughout the neighborhood.

    Will alternative energy sources eventually be utilized for personal transportation? Quite possibly, but not in our lifetime. Well not in mine. I suspect you are 12yo. So, there is a small possibility you could see some change that actually makes sense by your end-days ………….. certainly, not what’s happening today.

    But, time for you to jump on your little bicycle and peddle home. Make sure you ring that handle-bar bell often so you don’t get hurt. Mom wants you safe.

  • BryanJ

    You’ve really got to pull your head out of your ass (or arse LOL!). The goal of cars like these (and, of course the Tesla models) is to accelerate world transition to electric mobility — they’re catalyzing change in the industry. Sure, it won’t be overnight, but the changes are happening rapidly. To wit, Tesla’s Model S is on the road in 37 countries, and Tesla have just opened a second production plant, this time in The Netherlands, to produce cars for Dutch, Belgian, French and German customers. Demand is strong. The company had a stated goal of producing 20K cars in 2013 and have just had to raise that estimate due to demand for the Model S. I have no doubt it will increase further when their new Model X all-electric SUV joins the Model S luxury sedan in the market next year.

    The Model S has been a wonder car — quite literally. In 2012 it won the coveted Motor Trend Car of the Year award, then won the same award in 2013 from Automobile magazine (Car of the Year). In fact, this year, Consumer Reports reviewed the Model S and dubbed it the BEST CAR EVER TESTED, scoring a whopping 99 points out of a possible 100. The highest score ever for a luxury car.

    And, finally, to your point about popularity, you really should do some reading. In the first half of 2013, the Tesla Model S — this single model — outsold ALL models from other luxury brands Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Lincoln in the largest luxury automobile market in the USA – the state of California.

    Are those enough facts for you? The car is a hit, and it has everything to do with it’s all-electric drivetrain.