2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Rated at 50 MPG City

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Rated at 50 MPG City

After releasing early estimates, Honda has revised the fuel economy numbers for its Accord Hybrid, with the new government-certified figures raising the car’s fuel economy by one mile per gallon in the city to a lofty 50 MPG.

Highway fuel economy remains at 45 MPG with a combined figure of 47 MPG. The 50 MPG figure puts the Accord tops in its class, if you don’t count the Prius, or the 47 MPG combined Fusion Hybrid (which has repeatedly failed to match its claimed numbers).

According to Honda this gives the Accord Hybrid a driving range of 673 miles on a single tank of gas, 46 mile farther than the next closest car.

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“Even before it hits showrooms this fall, the Accord Hybrid is already surpassing the competition and claiming segment leadership,” said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of auto operations at American Honda. “For customers looking for a 50 mpg rated 4-door sedan, there is no other choice than the 2014 Accord Hybrid.”

After over a decade of struggling to keep up in the hybrid game Honda has invested heavily in new gasoline-electric technology with the Accord Hybrid using a new two-motor hybrid powertrain shared with the Accord Plug-in Hybrid.

The Accord Hybrid joins the standard Accord sedan which is rated at a best of 36 MPG highway, as well as the Accord Plug-in Hybrid, which can achieve 115 MPGe.

Production of the Accord Hybrid starts today at the company’s facility in Marysville, Ohio with sales later this year.



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  • Honest Abe

    Makes you wonder why anyone would buy a Prius now.

  • Rafael Peres

    the best part is that it doesnt look ugly as the plug-in model

  • Alfie

    100% agree… that thing is hideous

  • Maximania


  • Honest Abe

    Good point. Although this can’t cost much more than $30k. I bet it will be a real steal for what you get. The new Accord is already a fantastic car.