2014 Honda Civic Updates to Include Better MPG

2014 Honda Civic Updates to Include Better MPG

To stay ahead in the ultra-competitive compact car segment Honda will reportedly roll out a list of improvements to its Civic sedan for the second year in a row.

Panned by critics in 2012, Honda improved the style and materials in the 2013 Civic. Now for 2014 the car will again see updates, but this time to the powertrain. The car is believed to finally drop its outdated 5-speed automatic transmission in favor of a CVT, helping bump fuel economy.

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It’s unclear if the improvements will include a full suite of the brand’s Earth Dreams technologies, including the addition of direct-injection. Regardless, fuel economy should get at least a one or two mile per gallon bump and the 2014 Civic could hit 41 mpg highway.

It’s unlikely any design changes are due for the refresh, though Honda has reportedly been busy shooting updated photography for the release.

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  • roundthings

    Too bad the dash is still hideous and the seats are incredibly uncomfortable

  • Jiminez

    Ugh, CVTs are the worst. So long as it still has a manual option, good enough.

  • Quattrophobia

    CVT’s are the worst for sure..It’s a shame only the LX model has the manual option other than the Si. But for anyone who can’t afford the Si the only option would be an LX. I own an LX now, unfortunately with the 5-speed auto but it’s better than having a cvt no doubt.

  • averagejoeusername .

    you want comfy seats, buy an accord.

  • Yooouuuu

    Imo the dashboard is fantastic. The position of the speedometer is optimal and there is very little clutter. I would prefer to see them take an even more minimal approach to the UI, but we can’t have everything – at least they have a logically positioned digital speedometer, something most cars do not have.

  • Is_Mort

    Just leased a 2013 Civic, worst POS car I ever bought. Worst car to drive in heavy traffic and worst AT I ever used.

  • Is_Mort

    + 18 MPG in LA Traffic, uneven acceleration, and brakes that lock up at low speed.

  • Jack

    What a stupid comment. Plenty of cars in the Civic price range have comfy seats.

  • Jack

    What CVT’s have you guys been driving? CVT is a great concept, if if works correctly. But the Nissan CVT I’ve driven has some issues.

  • Jack

    So more updates to the sedan, but the red-headed stepchild coupe likely gets no external updates again (as it got none when the sedan got a do-over for 2013)?

  • Samantha

    I leased a 12 accord and hated it! Road noise uncomfortable seats only kept for a year then turned in and got a 13′ SI. I think the seats are comfortable and the dash is amazing and it’s a fun sporty car to drive around.

  • Mark

    Well, opinions are often like fantasy… reality and what we think are far removed,… my 2012 Civic HF gets 27 in the worst traffic, and 51 highway driving 60 to 65! The mid 40s are easy for this car, and it Averages 32 in around town traffic in the Orlando (FL) area. Not sure what car you were driving, but as the EPA says… ‘your mileage may vary’, as habits, acceleration, and how you handle the car all are important considerations. Your POS term brings images of past Chevy’s I owned! My 1997 Buick Regal gets 18 to 20 in traffic, so a Civic with only 18? Na! Maybe the car has issues or the driver needs some conditioning to better, economical driving skills!

  • danwat1234

    A beaded seat cover helps with back support on my old Civic

  • roundthings

    Wouldn’t have helped

  • danwat1234

    Hmm, if they are getting CVTs finally then maybe they are getting earth dreams engines with direct injection, and possibly on-demand Atkinson cycle for hybrid-like economy.

  • averagejoeusername .

    what a douchebag comment. The accord IS in the price range of a civic.

  • jmarker

    I have a 2012 Si coupe. I wouldn’t change a single thing about the exterior design. I love it. What I would change is fatter sway bars, tighter steering, and a turbo or tune to get 100hp per liter.

  • Mocard

    One of my major pet peeves in my 2013 Civic Touring model is the stereo screen glare when the sun shade on the sunroof is open. You can’t see anything and it’s obnoxiously bright. If only they would / could have adjusted the angle of the stereo so it didn’t come back right at your face. Other than that.. I love my Civic 🙂