2015 Civic Type R to Make “At Least” 280-HP

2015 Civic Type R to Make “At Least” 280-HP

Honda has boasted that the upcoming Civic Type R will be the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring and today the automaker released the first details on exactly how it intends to achieve that goal.

Speaking during a pres conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda Motor Europe president Manabu Nishimae commented that the new CTR will make “at least” 280-hp. How it will achieve that will be a result of an all-new turbocharged and direct injection 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine.

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Cautioning that the production car is still two years away Nishimae indicated that the goal isn’t as unreachable as some have suggested. “We have recently spent a week at the Nurburgring, carrying out extensive testing and we are on target, he said, adding, “and have already set a time approaching the lap record.”

GALLERY: 2015 Civic Type R Nurburgring Testing


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  • Ryan Cardin

    But it’s not going to be available in the US, so who gives a damn?

  • Dirk McGurk

    and even if it was they will charge north of $35K for it so for that money most ppl won’t bother with it anyways…

  • HFPSI13

    Like people say it aint going to be in the US so who gives a damn!!!

  • HFPSI13

    We should start a petition so we can bring it out to the US!!!

  • Alfie

    Maybe not. The Focus ST is stupid fast and it’s only like $25k.

  • John Nelson

    and the cobalt SS(turbo not the supercharged one) is faster still, was only $19K new lol.. plus that civic weighs 3200lbs.. kind of pudgy for a Honda…

  • Agent007

    Yet another useless car from Honda