2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty Gets New King Ranch Edition, Promises “Dramatically Improved Performance”

2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty Gets New King Ranch Edition, Promises “Dramatically Improved Performance”

Looking to retain its dominance in the heavy duty pickup segment Ford has rolled out a long list of performance and cosmetic upgrades to its F-Series Super Duty trucks today at the Texas State Fair.

Big on claims but small on details, Ford is promising models equipped with its updated 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo-diesel engine will make more power, offer more capability and retain their current fuel economy.

The second-generation Power Stroke 6.7L continues to use the same reverse-flow layout, but adds larger GT37 turbochargers to deliver increased airflow. With no specifics to share yet, Ford says the new engine will produce more power than the current trucks, which are rated at 400 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque.

The new turbos have larger 88-mm compressor wheels, with a larger turbine size (up from 64 mm to 72.5 mm). The system has also been simplified, dropping the wastegate and wastegate controls because the turbo now operates at lower peak pressures.

Fuel system improvements are also a part of the package, though Ford promises the new engine will deliver fuel economy to match its current best-in-class rating.

“We’ve dramatically improved performance while reducing overall engine complexity,” says David Ives, Power Stroke technical specialist.

Other upgrades include a re-engineered six-speed transmission to deal with the increased power output as well as improved engine exhaust braking.

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Those looking for added style to match the increased performance will find it in the updated 2015 King Ranch model. A team of Ford experts traveled to King Ranch, a 825,000-acre working ranch that is larger than Rhode Island, to get inspiration for the truck. And they found it, incorporating the “Running W” brand used on the ranch’s cattle on the seatbacks and center console of the new truck. The rest of the interior uses a new Mesa leather on the seats, center console lid, armrests and steering wheel.

Outside, King Ranch models get a new darker Caribou paint on the fender moldings, bumpers and lower body with black paint used for the bed rail caps, bumper caps and running boards. The “Running W” logo also makes an appearance on the wheel caps.

“King Ranch is an American original with a proud heritage of hard work that defines the American ranching lifestyle,” said Doug Scott, Ford Truck group marketing manager. “The 2015 Ford Super Duty King Ranch seamlessly combines elements of Texas-inspired luxury and Ford capability.”

Finally, Ford is adding even more capability to its F-450 model with a stronger frame and suspension as well as new commercial-grade 19.5-inch wheels and tire. Added upgrades include: improved rear driveline U-joints, stronger steering gears and steering linkages, larger brakes from the chassis cab models, increased fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailer capacity and special engine calibration.

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  • benglish

    Umm it looks exactly like my 2013 with darker leather and standard black plastic instead of the special tan king ranch plastic (bed caps, bumper caps etc.) What is Ford trying to pull here? However more power is always better. Kudos for that. Still the best looking heavy duty on the road.

  • steve

    Dear Ford, Come on Guys “More Power” ?? The current 6.7 has 400hp and 800lbft torque and gets 18-19mpg on the hwy. The thing dosnt NEED more power to sell more units it NEEDS better economy!! Imagine a 6.7L that has 350hp 700lbft torque and get 29mpg!! You couldnt make enough to keep them on the shelves!!!

  • ford fan

    Do you use your truck? Bet iit never gets dirty. Have you read specs for new dodge or gmc? Ford is behind in power. Ford needs more power and more mpgs. If they can do it we cantoo. Come on ford lets step up in both…

  • Cody Rufer

    Bigger turbos better mpg

  • paul

    That is exactly my thought. If somebody needs more power than my 2012 F-350 puts out than get a big rig. I would love to see a smaller diesel with 30-35 MPG and tow ratings of 15,000 lbs. Most guys driving around now complain of MPG not needeing more power. Think about what you tow for a second. A RV weighing 12,000 lbs? a dump trailer at 10,000 lbs? a boat at 8,000 lbs.? The current diesel trucks tows those without feeling it. Ford should build a diesel truck for the little guy not just the guys hauling heavy equiptment or 4 car trailers.

  • reliabilityneeded

    What’s needed is reliability, sorry Ford fanatics, I’m going over to Dodge after 06 to 11 problems. The return on investment just isn’t there anymore. My 3- 7.3’s are not for sale.

  • Deerehauler

    So you rather replace the transmission in a dodge every 40,000 miles?

  • Cjharr

    I don’t know what u mean about reliability my 7.3 is an 03 model and even though I’m currently having problems with the gear shift I couldn’t ask for a better vehicle in my opinion ford needs to bring back the 7.3 so ppl will stop complaining about power and put some of their economy tech to give it more MPGs


    Steve,I’m with you,not more power but better fuel mpgs,my 7.3 with a Banks exhaust and chip will get a 20.5 mpg if I keep my foot out of it,mash it around and it will drop to 17.5 to 18. I’m convinced Ford should offer something over 40mpg.Most trucks are only hauling the guy driving it ,towing probably about 10% to 20% of the time.We want the capabilitys to tow and great fuel milage at the same time period.Maybe it will be with a 2 speed rearend setup or a 10 speed automatic tranny.Or a combo of both.Come on Ford lets get with it and lead the truck industry forward.

  • drive an old truck its cooler.

    I’d say they missed the mark once again. So disappointed. 🙁

  • Dave Summit

    Not likely. depends on which tranny too. The g series had a rough patch but what about the Aisins?

  • blackdog1960les

    2015 super duty body is not much different than a 99 — hey ford , I think it is time for a complete makeover

  • gstump

    I agree more MPG. The same MPGs? They are overstated. BTW, our neighbor is a Ford design engineer and borrowed my wife’s saddle to help design the King Ranch seats. I still would not trade our Bertha, 1992 7.3 IDI NA.

  • bitemebutt

    More power? This isn’t the issue with a Ford. The transmission is the problem. We own a 2001 7.3, with the exception of the poorly designed transmission and subsequent troubles, it’s a kick a$$ truck. Get with it Ford! Manufacture your flagship truck with an Allison tranny and sales would explode!

  • 05ferd

    What? Since the torqshift came out (03), they have had some of the best transmissions out there. In fact, the 5r110 behind the 6.4 takes abuse and holds more HP then the Allison, and the 6r140 behind the 6.7 is stronger yet. Keep in mind 2001 was 12 years ago LOL

  • 2003sixleaker

    the allison shreds under mild upgrades… 5r110 will hold more hp and tq reliably than ANY other stock transmission out there. ask the boys at ATS, they’ll tell you straight up instead of buying their ATS branded 5r110 to just rebuild the trans and use their 5 star torque converter. one of their customers has been running 600+ hp on a 6.0 with the stock 5r110 for over 100k miles with not a single issue!!!

  • bitemebutt

    My only smite was Ford endorsing more power. Power, stamina, et al aside, Ford rocks! And I agree, but with those who buy stock….where’s the love? After (2) 4r HD tranny blows we finally did a rebuild. (face smack for conceding) and we finally changed the TC with a Banks. But soon discovered they (banks) wimped out and we upgraded to a super heavy duty RV TC along with a rebuild of the tranny. And we’re sitting pretty! But again….for those with older iterations of an F350, 7.3’s in cherry condition – why didn’t Ford concede that their tranny sucked?!?! From the get go, was only my point……. Btw, within my circle of friends of associations haven’t seen any Allison’s shred an upgrade, but we’re all here posting for a reason, diff experiences, eh?

  • 2003sixleaker

    I don’t think they had a problem with the trans in general. because it had a very low failure rate. But I must say that the 4r100 and 4r70 were both great transmissions, but if they failed it seemed a rebuild was futile. I’ve either seen them go 400k miles with no problems. or a rebuild every 80-100k miles. there seems to be no in between with them. they were either great or shit…. and maybe its just the difference in where everyone lives. i’ve been in the mountains all my life…. both wyoming and colorado…. I grew up with gas powered chevy’s. but as diesel has taken over it seems ford/ powerstroke is the go to truck, they are the 300-500k mile range trucks that even upgraded to all hell are only at the shop still getting general maintenance… where I’m from you rarely see a dodge/cummins past 230-240k and a chevy/duramax with over 200k is unheard of…. its all different for everyone. I mean they all make good trucks, but I’m addicted to power- hence the bulletproofed 500hp 6.0 I own. Its given me headaches but its also given me the most trouble free miles in between headaches… If its got a gas engine I’m going with chevy. and my personal experience with an 01 cummins, and 05 hemi, and an 06 dakota. The cheap price of a dodge reflects in the quality… but i know plenty of people with the exact opposite results…. so i know exactly where you’re coming from with your post…. but more power, and bigger turbo’s is bound to put out better economy… which is probably why my 6.0 got 16-17 mpg stock (rated 325hp at crank) and now it gets 24-27mpg (450+ to the wheels)

  • 2003sixleaker

    If it ain’t broke… dont fix it! lmao. Personally I like the modest upgrades every few years to the same basic body style…. like the fact that you can put 2008-2015 mirrors on a 99-07 with not a problem… i like the new tailgates and new tail lights… which both also fit perfectly on a 99-07… eventually it will make life easier on all of us! more of the same parts for a longer span of years…. genius if you ask me!

  • Bill James

    I am writing from Australia and I do own a 2003 F250 (7.3) so I believe I have the right to make a comment.
    Seems to me the 2015 is pretty much the same old style and it needs to change.
    What in my opinion ford should be doing.
    (A) There is no reason a work truck has to look like a Besser block ( I believe you call them cinder blocks) on wheels. For heavens sake Ford, hire someone who knows what style is;
    (B) Look at moving to an aluminium body to shed some of the lard just as Landrover have done to achieve a better power to weight ratio;
    (C) Offer an upmarket version similar to the King ranch but again with a more sophisticated perhaps city slicker style instead of just the country and western theme. ( If they currently do that I was not aware so apologies);
    (D) Forget the power wars and concentrate instead on greatly improving the mpg and reliability. I would suggest most people believe trucks now have sufficient power but they lack decent fuel economy and are not yet reliable enough;
    (E) Finally, include Iridium Silver as a paint option.

    Cheers from Australia

  • Dwp

    Incredible that they can’t put a bigger fuel tank in these F250’s

  • lray801

    Ford’s behind in power? I know I’m a little late here, but this comment needs addressed:
    Duramax: 375hp/765tq.
    Cummins: 370hp/800tq.
    Cummins H/O: 370hp/850tq.
    Powerstroke: 400hp/800tq.
    I think it’s clear who the power winner is. The Cummins H/O gives you 50 more lb-ft of torque, but I’ll take the extra 30hp. Anyway, this will all be moot when the numbers for the update are released.
    And the Powerstroke is very fuel efficient, relatively speaking.