2016 Honda CR-Z to be Based on Civic Type R: Report

2016 Honda CR-Z to be Based on Civic Type R: Report

The next Honda CR-Z could wind up with real performance credibility courtesy of the new Civic Type R, even if the latter doesn’t make a trans-Atlantic leap.

A new report suggests Honda is working on a more powerful version of its CR-Z that might finally live up to the car’s sporty appearance. Motoring.au reports that the company’s research and development division has a CR-Z prototype that sits on a shorter wheelbase version of the upcoming Civic Type R platform.

The car is said to use a turbocharged 1.5-liter direct-injection gas engine mated to a hybrid drivetrain to make roughly 220 hp. That power would be sent through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

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With the absence of a named source and little more than sketchy details to rely on, there isn’t any concrete evidence about the car. But Honda is currently developing its new Civic Type R, which traditionally skips the U.S. market. Honda is also without an affordable performance car and has been for quite some time. The Civic Si doesn’t come close to competing with other front-wheel drive performance cars in the U.S., market.

According to the report, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ lit fires under a few bottoms at Honda’s research and development department.

If that’s really true, it might make sense that Honda is scheming to bring something with more spirit to U.S. buyers. The more potent CR-Z is said to ride on a milder version of the new Civic Type R suspension, which could add up to an entertaining package with the car’s light weight.

With a new NSX on the way, it’s comforting to realize that Honda probably hasn’t forgotten its background in performance cars so much as shelved.

[Source: Motoring.au]

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  • Joe

    Neither of these cars is the answer to the toyobarus honda needs to work on bringing back the s2000.


    CRZ with a K24 and 2400lbs or less please.

  • brutalb83

    Sorry but this article seems badly written. I’d like to see some more sources. Who says that the Si doesn’t compare to other FWD performance cars? I’d say that it’s actually a pretty attractive package in the FWD sports car class, especially now that it’s got the 2.4 liter engine.

    Please list some of the other FWD cars that it’s comparing poorly to. You listed the BRZ / FR-S as the competition, but thats a RWD platform…

  • Grammar Nazi

    Seems “poorly written”

  • Honest Abe

    In terms of pure performance, the Si isn’t nearly as fast as a Mazdaspeed3 or Focus ST.

  • brutalb83

    I’m just saying that I wish they would have listed THOSE cars in the article. The Si shouldn’t be compared to the BRZ / FR-S…would you not agree?

    Also, a 2013 Civic Si does 0-60 in 6.1 and does the quarter in 14.6. A 2013 Focus ST is slightly faster in the 0-60 (5.9), but also runs the quarter in 14.6. So the Si pretty much matches the ST’s performance, despite 50 less horsepower and nearly 100 less lbs torque.

    Those times are on par with the GTI, and (coincidentally) BETTER than the BRZ / FR-S, which takes 15 seconds to run a quarter mile. The Speed 3 is slightly quicker with a 14.3 quarter.

    Now obviously that’s just straight-line speed and not handling, but still…you’re straight up WRONG to say that the Si “isn’t nearly as fast” as the Speed 3 or Focus ST. It’s right there, neck and neck…

    EDIT: Sorry, I meant to mention that I got all of my info from MotorTrend.

  • brutalb83

    The word “badly” is perfectly acceptable as an adverb or adjective in the modern English language. Grab a dictionary and look it up.

    You might want to consider changing your screen name bro, because you’re currently performing very BADLY at your self-appointed job!

  • OooeyGooey

    Anyone notice the “sex” on the guard rail? Think they are dropping subliminal hints here…

  • danwat1234

    Will that 1.5 Liter engine be part time lean burn or Atkinson cycle or will it be boring old OTTO cycle that gets mediocre MPG? The high performance aspects could still come out of the engine when it pops out of lean burn or Atkinson cycle mode, back to OTTO cycle mode.

    Will it be a true hybrid, or will it be another mild hybrid like all the rest of Honda’s hybrids (except for the 2014 Accord plug-in)?