Alfa Romeo 4C Officially Priced From $54,000

Alfa Romeo 4C Officially Priced From $54,000

Alfa Romeo’s upcoming lightweight sports car will cost $54,000, pricing it $1,400 above a Porsche Cayman excluding delivery charges. 

The retail price was confirmed to AutoGuide by Alfa Romeo PR rep Davide Kluzer.

When it arrives in the second quarter of 2014, the 4C will mark Alfa Romeo’s return to North America. That doesn’t mean you can expect to see Chrysler dealers out with tack hammers and ladders, adding Alfa signs to their stores. Instead, the company’s sole product will sell through Maserati dealers despite the car’s relatively low price.

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First shown during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the car us powered by a 1.75-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine mounted behind the seats. Considering the fact that Alfa bills it as a supercar, the mill’s 240-hp output might seem low. Don’t be fooled. Alfa is still playing coy with curb weights, but it tips the scales at about 2,080 lbs. From the outset, Alfa made it clear that the 4C will lean on light weight for performance rather than excessive power. A carbon fiber monocoque chassis helps keep the weight low while Alfa boasts a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in 4.5 seconds.

Official fuel consumption figures haven’t been announced yet, but the car is also expected to be unusually efficient for a performance vehicle.

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  • Edmondo

    Official from where? You guys have no clue of what you are talking about! It might be the price they will announce but NOTHING will be out until the official US presentation at the LA Auto Show in November at best….

    You guys spit out thoughts and call it news?

  • Atticus

    $54 K sounds official to me. Consider the fact that Alfa Romeo designed the 4C to directly compete with the Porsche Cayman and the price quoted by AutoGuide will stand to reason for enthusiasts seriously looking into making a purchase. But, I digress…………………….

    IMHO, Porsche now has a real challenge to deal with, because regardless of the fact the 4C will be slightly more expensive, I believe Alfa wins the competition on style points alone. To my subjective point of view, Italians make the most visually striking cars on the planet!

    I also think the 4C will have a better power to weight ratio and will propel it’s 240 HP engine screaming down the straights faster than Alfa’s current 0-62 in 4.5 sec. estimate. Can you say carbon fiber chassis ? Will enthusiasts choose the 4C over the Cayman ? My official opinion is yes!


  • “The retail price was confirmed to AutoGuide by Alfa Romeo PR rep Davide Kluzer.”

    This comes directly from the company.

  • Louise


  • Edmondo

    You sound so smart! WOW Thanks for the lesson

  • ColumWood

    As you can see we’ve updated the story with our source. It’s official.

  • Atticus

    I heard the 4C will not have air-conditioning, power steering or a manual transmission as standard equipment and don’t know if these features will be available at all ? If all this is true, wouldn’t it be better to compare the 4C with a Lotus ?

  • Perry

    Edmondo why are you reading this if you think you know better?

  • Perry

    Anyone know if A/C will be available?

  • Ojala

    Edmondo, why don’t you get your panties out of a wad and get the chip off your shoulder. Very few people enjoy the negativity, hostility, and self-righteousness of a perpetual fault finder and fight starter. Try saying something nice and you might find that the world is a nice place.

  • kj kelly

    What im confused about is how is it the journalists are saying Alfo’s will be sold through Masarati dealers when we are expecting them to be sold along side the Fiat’s? We have not been told as yet that we are not getting them. Oh and i’m speaking from Canada.

  • Brother

    thats not true at all, my Alfa Club had a VIP session with us members so we had to sit in it and ask a lot of question to Alfa Romeo about 4C, AC will vw available, manual trans will be available but not default install, power stearing not needed, the car is LIGHT, i feelt it then i tryed it, no need for powersteering, oh well maybe if you are a lazy American you “need” it.. but for real no. so light car and the steering is light, but its more for “active” drivers, this is not a crouser…

  • Brother

    Italians can also make “race” cars, there cars are always fun to drive, you need to be a active driver, the steering for example in both 156 & 159 are made for taking corners/kurves, not go in a straight line…

  • 30hertz

    Your 159 might not like going in a straight line, but mine does 🙂

  • Dave

    We’re talking American’s here.. all they know is ‘cruiser’ – anything that goes fast, AND handles well is as foreign to them as literacy, or knowing the capital cities of anything that’s outside of their borders.

  • Dave

    My 156 GTA LOVES corners.. but is great in a straight line too.. it even has Cruise Control… ! Never used it though. 🙂

  • Aajaxx

    I suspect the first year’s allocation is already spoken for, and ain’t nobody getting one for close to $54K.

  • Americanwhodoesntgetit

    Sure, that’s why the US market is allocated 1500 4Cs, because Americans don’t get it. Careful, your bias is showing.

  • Rob

    Hey Brother, clearly you are the perfect “intended target” for Anti-American propaganda, as it sticks to your ribs and you wander about spitting it out. to anyone who will listen. Remember – being a man involves formulating your own opinions and not painting any one group with a single brush. Not sure where you are from, but no doubt – it is a place with a National Identity problem, perhaps one of the Club Med countries – teetering on bankruptcy are we?

  • RobNH

    Dave, it’s a real pity you flash your ignorance about as though it were a proud possession. Your opinions don’t even approach having a crumb of truth to them. Have you ever considered keeping your mouth shut so as not to advertise your true ignorance and lack of intelligence. Sometimes Dave – shutting up is the best course of action for an ignoramus like you. It’s possible that if you remain quiet, no one will discover just how stupid you really are… What country are you from?

  • RobNH

    clearly your age is greater than your I.Q. – poor boy.