Alfa Romeo 4C U.S. Pricing Hinted

Alfa Romeo 4C U.S. Pricing Hinted

The Alfa Romeo 4C will be priced from £45,000 in the United Kingdom, the Italian automaker has announced, giving a clue as to what it will cost in the US.

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has expressed that the 4C will be priced competitively based on the market it was sold in. In the UK, the Porsche Cayman is priced at almost just under £40,000 while the Cayman S sits at just under £49,000, putting the 4C directly in the middle. If this holds true for the U.S., when the 4C hits American shores it should be priced directly between the Cayman at $52,600 and the Cayman S at $63,800.

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The Alfa Romeo 4C made its official debut earlier this year at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, powered by a 1,750 cc turbocharged, four-cylinder engine with 240 hp. The Italian sports car will be limited to just 3,500 units per year with at least 500 of them heading to North America. Previously it was promised that at least a couple 4C sports cars will be shipped to the U.S. before year’s end. North American pricing is expected to be announced closer to the vehicle’s arrival.

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  • Atticus

    Any thoughts on how the Mazda/ Alfa Romero Spider will be priced ? Will Spider prices be competitive with the FR-S, Genesis and the V-6 Mustang ?

  • ColumWood

    Unlikely. As a premium European brand they’ll certainly charge quite a bit. If they’re available for under $30,000 that would be the best you can hope for.

  • Atticus

    I appreciate your response and I agree that under 30K would be the best to expect.

  • Atticus

    Here’s a tough one….. WHEN CAN CONSUMERS SEE PICTURES OF THE 2015 SPIDER ! And yes…The 4C is a beautiful, inspirational design and I wish Alfa all the best on it’s return to the American market, but the car I can afford is the Spider, so naturally I’m anxious to learn as much as I can about this car. The question is….. When?

  • ColumWood

    We wish we knew. At the earliest, it could be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Perhaps Mazda will show its version at the Tokyo Motor Show in November.

  • Atticus

    Again ColumWood….. Many thanks !


  • Jorge Recarey

    I am selling my 1986 GTV6 on ebay (Item# 190896999019), please let me know if interested or pass along to anyone who you know who is.

  • Cobus Fenwick

    This is old news, at least 4 months, if not longer. Just came back from the USA after hoping to attend the launch in Aug 2013 as per previous read in an article. Nobody there knows about any dates yet, pitty. Price should be just under Cayman, for various reasons, if they had market penetration in mind.

  • peteraltschuler

    “Beautiful, inspirational”? Really? Given Alfa’s long history of sleek designs from Pininfarina, Touring, Bertone, ItalDesign, and others, this looks like a three-foot-tall body builder on steroids reflected in a fun-house mirror. The 8C Competizione, which was designed in-house, DOES qualify as beautiful and inspirational… albeit priced for billionaires and potentates.

  • Atticus

    Hi Peter,
    Your post does not mention the specific Alfa referenced in your article. Why ? When you say: ” this looks like a three-foot-tall body builder on steroids reflected in a fun-house mirror” is this a description of the 4C or Spider?
    Since pictures of the new Spider are currently unavailable, (excluding billionaires and potentates of course) and I can’t believe you’d presume to have access to that kind of information, as clearly evidenced by the unpretentious tone of your article. Consequently , I can only assume your comment is directed at the 4C.

    Therefore, allow me to retort. While I agree the 8C is a wonderful, beautiful, inspirational car, the 4C is equally wonderful, beautiful and inspirational to me.

    I would admit, however, I haven’t the foggiest idea what a “three-foot-tall body builder on steroids reflected in a fun-house mirror” would look like, but evidently you do. Nevertheless, I stand by my opinion.

    But, if completely fair, I found the imagery in your article somewhat colorful, albeit distasteful and extraneous to what Alfa has accomplished with both cars. And by-the-way, when the new Spider is released, I expect it to be exceptional as well. Why ? Because like Chris Harris, I believe the Italians make beautiful cars

    Remember Peter: Those who cast stones shouldn’t sport an 1890’s barbershop quartet mustache as stylish. All you’d need is a stripped shirt, sleeve garters and a vest to complete the picture. Wouldn’t you agree ? But take no offense, I’m goofy looking too and like you, I have a propensity toward being opinionated.

  • peteraltschuler

    Yes, I was referring to the 4C, which makes the Lotus Elise look like Heidi Klum.

    I agree that Italy makes (or has made) beautiful cars — two of them sit in my garage: a ’61 Giulietta Spider and a ’69 Maserati Ghibli. Yet, in the hands of Fiat for 20 years, both marques lost their luster.

    The return of Maserati to the States was accompanied by great design, but the new Alfas… not so much (save the 8C… if you could get or afford one). The Alfas are sure to find an audience — from people like you, for example — just as the Elise has. There were buyers for the original Corvette Stingray, the Jaguar XJ-S, and the gratefully dead Ferrari Enzo, too — all ridiculously overwrought sheet metal that screamed of testosterone overload.

    The mustache, by the way, has earned me a tidy income in commercials (including one for Mercedes in which I was the driver of their very first car) and on stage. And at least I have an image displayed to represent me, rather than the top half of a mens room sign.

  • Atticus

    Hi Peter,

    There you go again! How does listing an inventory of garage keep cars or releasing snippets of a resume address the issue at hand? Perhaps it would be better to employ discipline and stay on point?

    But, I digress…..Again, the 8C is an incredibly car with beautiful, curvaceous lines. Designing the 4C, however, Alfa Romeo decided to combine all elements of it’s automotive philosophy and build what I believe, is an equally beautiful car with bolder, more masculine lines.

    Of course, everyone has an opinion and I understand the 4C is evidently, not your cup of tea. Nevertheless, using hyperbole to denigrate Alfa’s new car is unworthy fodder in any objective discourse.

    Finally, let me conclude by saying my image is for my friends and not strangers. And by-the-way, your mustache has earned you a “tidy income?” LMAO ! Is that what makes you expert on “the top half of mens room signs”? You surprise me….. I would’ve thought you’d be more familiar with the bottom half.

  • peteraltschuler

    Personal opinion is not objective. It is subjective. And we, clearly, disagree on what makes great design. Yet I focused on the car, and you chose to turn the discussion into a personal attack — protected as you are by the anonymity of a blank image and assumed name. How courageous.

  • Atticus

    Hi Peter,

    Really?! How is it that you “focused on the car?” By using hyperbole? And while I would agree that opinions are subjective, the tone of your comments and disrespect for what Alfa Romero has accomplished with the 4C is pretentious at best.

    After all Peter, you’re not an auto journalist, for that matter, neither am I, but you miss the point. I was simply trying to demonstrate how your posts were not an expression of “constructive” criticism.

    And while it is the right of everyone to express an opinion, your imagery went too far and in my opinion, was not intended to explain, dare I say enlighten readers on a particular point of view. Instead you relied on negativity to make a point. Why? To what end?

    Let me return to the subject of respect and courage. How would you describe a person that celebrates the “gratefully dead Enzo Ferrari?” Shame on you Peter! Shame on you!

    Please don’t misunderstand! I know you’re a decent, hard working, intelligent individual who’s earned everything you’ve got and I’m not making a moral judgement about anything that’s been said.

    After all, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. If you’re anything like me, mistakes are made on a daily basis! Worst of all, I sometimes make mistakes that hurt those closest to me.

    But, such is life. All any of us can do is try harder not to repeat the mistake and carry on. Going forward, all I would ask is that you use a lighter touch and I’ll do the same. Fair enough ?

    Best wishes,

  • peteraltschuler

    “Ferrari Enzo” (the car).

  • Atticus

    Sorry Pete…..My bad.