Audi Fights for Sequential Turn Signal Approval

Audi Fights for Sequential Turn Signal Approval

After being barred from bringing its Matrix Beam headlights, Audi is fighting to at least offer its sequential turn signals in the U.S..

The sequential turn signals, which consist of a string of LED bulbs that light up one after another, are currently not allowed in the U.S. The technology is part of the refreshed Audi A8 that is going on sale in Europe this fall, which also features the Matrix Beam headlights.

The reason is behind a clause in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 that states “the effective projected luminous lens area of each compartment or lamp shall be at least 22 square centimeters, provided the combined area is at least 50 square centimeters.”

The German automaker will meet with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) next month in hopes of seeking a special dispensation for its sequential turn signal lights. Audi hopes that it can push safety as the main feature for the turn signals, stating that its investigations show half a second to one second quicker reaction time to recognizing that the vehicle is turning.

GALLERY: Audi A8 Turn Signal Lights


[Source: Automotive News]

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  • What???

    That is BS. Ford mustangs have sequential tail lights and that is legal???

  • Kyle

    I’ll probably never see this in action since so many drivers on the road today are too damn lazy to use their turn signals.