August 2013 Was Subaru’s Best Sales Month… EVER

August 2013 Was Subaru’s Best Sales Month… EVER

When it comes to August sales GM has plenty to smile about, but it’s not the only automaker with blockbuster news. Judging by its showroom performance Subaru should be grinning from ear lobe to ear lobe.

The Japanese brand sold more than 41,000 new vehicles in America last month, which is the best it’s ever done… like, EVER. This milestone represents a whopping 45 percent increase compared to August 2012.

But it’s not just the eighth month of the year that’s making headlines. Year to date Subaru has delivered nearly 282,000 vehicles, a performance that’s almost 30 percent better than the same time period last year.

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Beyond the brand itself the Forester had its best month on record, with more than 13,000 of them delivered, presumably to outdoorsy, non-GMO customers. The Impreza and BRZ also set sales records in August.

Appealing to hard-core enthusiasts a new WRX is in development. The next-generation model will supposedly be more “street targeted” than today’s capable but somewhat crude car. Undoubtedly an exciting product like this will only help boost Subie’s already soaring sales.

GALLERY: Subaru WRX Concept


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