Autonomous Vehicle Industry Needs One Standard, Experts Say

Autonomous Vehicle Industry Needs One Standard, Experts Say

As more and more automakers develop autonomous driving technology, experts believe that the industry needs a single standard sooner rather than later.

Multiple automakers have announced their plans to have self-driving cars by 2020, and a panel of experts at the Michigan Automotive Summit in Detroit expressed the need for a “standard which would make the entire industry rise around it much faster.”

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One panelist described the race for autonomous vehicles to that of the battle over the most ideal visual/audio recording format in the 1970s and 1980s. What’s most important however is the technology used for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, so that an autonomous Toyota model can communicate with an autonomous Mercedes, for example.

Currently the states of Florida, California and Nevada have all passed legislation to allow self-driving cars for testing purposes.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • RaienDrops

    Yes, this means one central computer to hub all data running from different vehicles that will allow each system to communicate efficiently with each other. This means, no guessing games when it comes to driving. Every vehicle will have to punch in a destination from Point A-B-C. No Shortcuts. This will give the autonomous system some time to re-direct a possible destination. Just like it takes time to locate a place on google map and run it through navigation.