Average Gas Prices Fall for 22 Consecutive Weeks: AAA

Average Gas Prices Fall for 22 Consecutive Weeks: AAA

For three straight weeks, the average gas price in North America has been dropping and it is expected to continue in months to come.

According to AAA, the national average price of regular unleaded gasoline has dropped for 22 consecutive days to $3.47 per gallon. That’s 35 cents cheaper than last year. It’s a good sign considering that in July, gas was 26 cents per gallon costlier than the same month last year.Highest-Lowest-Avg-Gas-Prices-9-23-1024x570

Gas prices across the U.S. are dipping with some states such as South Carolina, Arkansas and New Jersey seeing a 40 cent or more price difference compared to last year. And while prices have increased slightly in California, Nevada and Washington over the last two weeks, they are still lower than they were a year ago.

Barring natural disasters, AAA says it expects prices to continue on a downward trend in the coming monhts.

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