BMW X5 Security Plus Concept Will Take a Bullet For You

BMW X5 Security Plus Concept Will Take a Bullet For You

Anyone who thought owning a BMW X5 made them look like a tough customer should probably think again.

The German brand just unveiled an armored version of the X5 in concept car form. BMW designed the “Concept X5 Security Plus” to live through a barrage of attacks that would make the folks behind Grand Theft Auto swoon.

“The BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is the only vehicle in this class which fulfills the requirements of protection level VR6,” the auto maker said. That means it offers protection against violent assault, kidnapping and organized crime.

The concept is aimed at parts of the world including South America, Africa and Russia where increased security is often a customer consideration. There’s also a less intense version of the concept that meets “VR4” standards to protect against “general street crime” called the Concept X5 Security (minus the plus).

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Up to four passengers are protected by an armored cell made of high-performance steel panels designed to protect against salvos from an AK-47. It also features sealed joints to prevent bullet or fragment penetration through areas in vehicles that are typically weak against firearms. Of course, the concept also features specially fortified glass.

BMW uses its twin-turbo V8 to make 450 hp, offering enough performance to maneuver through dangerous situations despite the added weight. Of course, that output is distributed to all four wheels via the brand’s xDrive all-wheel drive system. Gas mileage is of little concern here. Instead, BMW put an emphasis on tweaking the chassis, electronic management systems and brake system to offer performance it says is comparable to a normal X5.

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